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Our Philosophy

Engaging the public on a continuous basis increases a community's livability and builds trust by improving communications between public servants, community leaders and the public.  Commitment to collaborative governance and linking the public's participation to the decision-making process is the number one goal of CivicMic.

Our Story

CivicMic is a service from NBS focused on providing collaborative governance services.  These services have become a critical need for the successful formation, renewal, and ongoing administration of special financing districts by NBS.  The increased use of technology and social media by constituents necessitated a focused and continuing approach resulting in the creation of CivicMic dedicated to assist public agencies with collaborative governance efforts.

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Our Team

Danielle CivicMic 2

Danielle Wood

Danielle has nearly two decades of experience in the formation, administration, and community outreach efforts for special financing districts.
CivicMic Bianna Gontar

Bianna Gontar

Bianna is an experienced communications specialist, specializing in community outreach, public engagement, and digital content creation.
Pablo CivicMic 2

Pablo Perez

Pablo has nearly three decades of experience assisting public agencies with the implementation of revenue solutions, community outreach efforts, and Proposition 218.
CivicMic Michelle Argerich

Michelle Argerich-Valentine

Michelle is an engagement consultant with over 7 years of experience with community outreach and public engagement.
Jeremy CivicMic 2

Jeremy Jung

Jeremy has years of experience in the development of GIS and data solutions for the government, including the military and local public agencies.
Michael Huling

Michael Huling

Michael is an engagement consultant with a Master's Degree in Public Policy, specializing in community outreach and public engagement.

Next Steps...

Please contact our experts to learn how we can help public agencies like yours.

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