August Update Rolling Hills

August Update: Rolling Hills and Paradise Valley

In this post, CivicMic shares the August update for Rolling Hills LLMD No. 7 and Paradise Valley LLMD No. 11 regarding landscape maintenance services. This post includes some before and after photos to give residents visual context of the contractors' work.

August Update: Rolling Hills and Paradise Valley

LLMD No. 7 – Rolling Hills

The landscape contractor, New Image, completed additional landscape maintenance and clean-up over the last several weeks. The work included removing weeds, suckers, and debris in the planter strips on the following streets:

AREA 1 - Rollingwood Dr., Chapparal Dr., Brushwood Dr., Austin Ct., Chapparal Ct., Lyon Rd., Garden Meadow Ave., Glenn Ellen Dr., Morning Brook Ct., Moss Valley Dr., Silvercrest Dr., Fieldstone Ct.
AREA 2 - Fieldcrest Ave., Glenwood Dr., Lakewood Dr., Candlewood Dr., Candlewood Ct., Crownridge Ct., Crownridge Dr. Cobblestone Ave., Cobblestone Ct., Kenwood Ct., Fieldcrest Ct.
AREA 3 - Hillridge Dr., Hillridge Ct., Knollwood Ct., Glenwood Dr., Crestview Ct., Misty Oaks Ct., Kirkwood Ct., Cliffwood Dr., Blair Ct.
AREA 4 - Martin Rd., Fox Glen Dr., Grey Fox Ln., Silver Fox Cir.
AREA 5 - Sanctuary Dr., Fairview Pl., Sunny Hill Ct., Valley View Ct., Ridgewood Cir., Fairwood Ct., Shelter Hill Dr.

LLMD No. 11 – Paradise Valley North

This week the contractor is working in LLMD No. 11 – Paradise Valley North performing the same landscape maintenance and clean-up work on the planter strips on Paradise Valley Drive and Paradise Valley Road, around the Paradise 360 subdivision, and on the walking trails behind Couples Circle, the Paradise 360 subdivision, and along I-80.

Landscape Maintenance Before & After Photos

Street 1: Before & After



Street 2: Before & After



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2 thoughts on “August Update: Rolling Hills and Paradise Valley”


    Can you tell me the last time the slopes section between PV Estates and Couples Circle was landscaped? I have only seen the old landscape crew come and clean and trim maybe 2x since 2020. I have been eagerly waiting for the area adjacent to my home (corner of Couples Cir and PV Drive) to be cleaned up. It is the only area that I see is neglected, with dry weeds, leaf debris build up and overgrown shrubs? When will it be on the schedule for maintenance? I’ve seen crews pick weeds in the planter strip but no Mai tenancy on the small strip adjacent to my home.

    1. Hi Shawna,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      The City recently touched base with their Landscape Inspector for Paradise Valley, and he informed them that the trimming along that slope had been completed within the last month, and the weeds on the slope and planting strip behind the sidewalk. They’ve been informed that the contractor is currently behind on several shrub removals on the slope and leaf pickup in the District. If you would like to talk to the supervisor, inspector, or manager about the current conditions, contractor, or current contract in the District, please contact the Public Works Corporation Yard at 707-428-7407.

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