proposed Kelseyville Fire CFD

Benefits of the Proposed Kelseyville Fire CFD

The Kelseyville Fire Protection District ("Fire District") is contemplating the formation of a Community Facilities District (“CFD”). This proposed Kelseyville Fire CFD is intended to provide additional funding for a new fire station, fire engine, ambulances, and salaries for staff members working in the proposed station through the use of a special tax on parcels within the Fire District.

Important: The formation of the CFD must be approved by the affected voters. Kelseyville Fire cannot form the CFD without voter approval.

CivicMic is assisting the Fire District with community outreach and engagement for the formation of the proposed Kelseyville Fire CFD. In this post, we provide an overview of the benefits of this Community Facilities District for Kelseyville residents.

What are the benefits of the proposed Kelseyville Fire CFD?

Fire Station
The Fire District is looking to fund a new fire station in the Soda Bay corridor. This would be incredibly impactful for the nearby residents because it would be the first fire station located within a 5-mile radius of homeowners. This would significantly reduce response rates, allow for adequate coverage, and even potentially reduce insurance rates for homeowners by enhancing the ISO rating.

Fire Engine and Ambulances
In order to have operational Fire and Emergency Medical Services within the proposed Kelseyville Fire CFD, proper and functional equipment will be required. A new fire engine and ambulances will ensure optimal functionality and prevent possible malfunctions during emergencies. This is crucial because 90% of the Fire District’s calls request Emergency Medical Services.

Adequate Firefighters and EMT staff are vital for the fire station to operate at maximum potential. The proposed Kelseyville Fire CFD would ensure that staff salaries would be financed and that a sufficient number of employees would be staffed. This would result in enough qualified employees to both maintain optimal response rates and reduce coverage issues in the Soda Bay corridor and multiple surrounding areas.

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