Mother and two kids walking across intersection in South Gate representing Understanding City of South Gate water billing

Understanding the New South Gate Sewer Billing Rates: Meet Maria

Hello, community members! There’s been a lot of discussion around the new sewer billing rates coming into effect from FY 2023. We understand that change can sometimes be confusing, so we decided to break it down with a simple example.

Clean South Gate neighborhood street with trees and cars representing South Gate Sewer Systems

The Role of South Gate Sewer Systems

¿Hablas español? Traduce esta página. The Role of South Gate Sewer Systems Health Comes First One of the biggest jobs of a sewer system is to keep us healthy. Back in the day, diseases like cholera spread through contaminated water. With a solid sewer system in place in South Gate, we avoid these dangers, ensuring that our drinking water remains safe. Environment Matters Each time we use water at home, it gets dirty. If we let this wastewater flow directly into our local rivers or streams without treating it, it can harm aquatic life. Our sewer system ensures that this …

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South gate city hall in daylight representing south gate sewer plan

South Gate Sewer Plan: Understanding Its Importance

¿Hablas español? Traduce esta página. South Gate Sewer Plan: A Look At the Big Picture The City of South Gate has crafted a detailed plan focused on our community’s sewer system. Think of this as a roadmap that guides how the city manages, operates, and takes care of our entire sewage network. At the heart of this plan is the goal to prevent unpleasant and potentially harmful sewage overflows and to ensure compliance with state regulations. Why The City Might Adjust Our Rates Maintaining a vast and intricate sewer system is no small task. It requires skilled staff, advanced equipment, …

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