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LAD No. 39 Dissolution and LAD No. 39-2022 Formation

CivicMic works with The City of Diamond Bar (the "City") to facilitate community outreach and public engagement opportunities for participation in the collaborative governance process for the dissolution of Landscape Assessment District No. 39 (the "District")("LAD No.39") and its proposed replacement with Landscape Assessment District No. 39-2022 to fund certain landscaping services and maintenance. Currently, the District funds the servicing and maintenance of various private properties and maintains five developer-created mini-parks and trails. While the assessment fee remained locked at its original amount during the past decades, maintenance costs continued to increase. This created a shortfall in funds between District assessments and maintenance costs. The City can no longer continue to subsidize what should be a self-supporting District. The current District is comprised of 1,249 parcels with an annual assessment rate of $236 per parcel. Without the establishment of a new assessment district following the dissolution of the District, the current services will no longer be provided by the City.

LAD No. 39 Survey

The City is gathering feedback to determine support for establishing a new assessment district (LAD No. 39-2022) that would replace the current District. Without a new assessment district, the landscaping maintenance responsibilities will return to the respective property owners. Your feedback is valuable and can have a significant effect on the route that this effort takes. Please take the survey below.

Take the Survey!

Your participation in this survey is very important.


As of October 1, 2021

  • October 2021

    Outreach and Survey

    Gather and share information about the dissolution of Landscape Assessment District No. 39 and the proposed formation of a new replacement District.

  • November 2021

    Intent to Dissolve District No. 39 and Intent to Form new District

    The City declares intent to dissolve District No. 39 and intent to begin the Prop 218 process to form a new District No. 39-2022 in City Council meeting. City Engineer is directed to prepare a new Engineer's Report and a Public Hearing date is set for dissolution.

  • Early November 2021

    First Community Meeting

    Host a virtual community meeting to discuss the dissolution of District No. 39 and procedures for the formation of District No. 39-2022, preliminary rates, and answer questions.

  • late November 2021

    Informational Flyer

    Mail an informational flyer to stakeholders within the boundaries of the proposed Landscape Assessment District.

  • Late December 2021

    Second Survey

    Gather and share information about the dissolution of Landscape Assessment District No. 39 and the proposed formation of a new replacement District.

  • November 2021-December 2021

    Continue Outreach and Public Engagement

    Continue to share information about the dissolution and formation process, including improvements, maintenance, services, and rates.  Consider comments and answer questions from stakeholders.

  • Early January 2022

    Second Community Meeting

    Host a second virtual community meeting to further discuss procedures for the formation of District No. 39, rates, guage community interest, and answer questions.

  • January 18, 2022

    Dissolution of District and Notice of Public Hearing

    District No. 39 is dissolved after a Public Hearing. The new Public Hearing date is set for the formation of the new District 39-2022. Notices and ballots are mailed to stakeholders subject to the new Landscape Assessment District.

  • March 15, 2022

    Public Hearing and Ballot Tabulation

    The City Council conducts the Public Hearing and ballot tabulation and determines if proposed District No. 39-2022 will be formed or whether the maintenance responsibility will be returned to property owners.

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