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CivicMic works with the City of Fairfield to facilitate community outreach and public engagement opportunities for the City's Landscaping and Lighting Maintenance Districts ("LLMDs").

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(LLMD No. 5 & LLMD No. 8 Only)

Virtual Community Meeting
Tuesday, October 11, 2022, at 6:00 PM (PST)
RSVP below to receive the telephone/Zoom login information before the meeting. Otherwise, the information will be posted here a few hours before the start of the meeting.

Survey for Smith Ranch (LLMD No. 5) and Kolob Estates (LLMD No. 8)

The City of Fairfield (the "City") is gathering information about your Landscaping and Lighting Maintenance Districts “LLMDs”. The city annually levies and collects assessments to maintain certain improvements that provide a special benefit to your community. The district cannot address utility and maintenance service rate increases without an increase in assessment amounts. The City of Fairfield has initiated a Prop 218 ballot process in your community to proactively ensure an opportunity to secure funding for the community's shared spaces. If the Prop 218 effort fails, services in your neighborhood will be reduced in the years ahead to match the current annual revenue.

The goal of this survey is to understand what you currently know about your district and to gather preliminary information about your preferences for future levels of service. Your feedback is valuable. Please take the survey below.

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Your participation in this survey is very important.

Reduced Budgets and Services for Focused LLMDs

Nine of the City's LLMDs have experienced increased expenses over the last few years while the yearly assessments have remained the same. If these landscaping services continue to be maintained at the current level, the cost will considerably outweigh available funds, resulting in a budget gap for the district.

To avoid this, the annual landscape maintenance service contracts for the following LLMDs are being reduced:

(Click to see a detailed list of service reductions for each LLMD)

On May 3, 2022, a short-term General Fund loan was approved by City Council for LLMDs No. 7, 11, & 13 to fund the short-fall and restore service levels comparable to FY 2020/21.

The City is currently proposing a short-term General Fund loan for similarly affected LLMDs No. 1, 3, 6, & 12 to prevent a service reduction. If accepted by the property owners, the loan would be issued at 0% interest with a five-year repayment term.

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