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The City of Oxnard wishes to engage constituents in a collaborative governance effort to find and implement solutions for the revitalization and long-term viability of public improvements in and around various neighborhoods in the City thus protecting real estate values and enhancing the quality of life for its residents. Solutions are expected to include the creation of citizen advisory committees, ongoing monitoring, and adaptive management techniques to ensure the sustainability of desired outcomes and successful implementation of the agreed-upon solutions.

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CivicMic works with the City of Oxnard to facilitate community outreach and public engagement opportunities for the City's Landscape Maintenance Districts.

ReNew Oxnard Program
Presentation to the Inter-Neighborhood Council Organization (INCO)
April 7, 2021

ReNew Oxnard Program News by Team

Click the button to read the latest ReNew Oxnard news by participating Team in the program.  A "Team" is comprised of selected geographically grouped communities in the City. Please note that we post news as we engage participating Teams and have not posted news for all communities in the City.

ReNew Oxnard Program Community Survey

The City of Oxnard has been working with CivicMic on various ways to engage your community through the ReNew Oxnard program. This program will allow your community and surrounding communities to work together on strategies to improve neighborhood quality. The current amounts being collected through the landscape maintenance assessment district may not be sufficient to fund all maintenance and improvement priorities in your community. The first community-specific meeting will take place in late January or early February. We would like to understand the priorities you have for landscaping, parks, and street maintenance in and around your community.

Please contact CivicMic at (800) 676-7516 or to request a hard copy version of the survey. Si desea una copia de esta encuesta en español, por favor llámenos al (800) 676-7516 y solicite hablar con Yajaira.

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Your participation in the ReNew Oxnard program is very important.

Video: ReNew Oxnard Program Introduction

Click the button to watch the video of the ReNew Oxnard Program introduction meeting on December 16, 2020.

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City of Oxnard


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Five-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for 2020-2025

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Community Participation Web Map

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Video: What are Community Facilities Districts?

Click the button to watch the video for an introduction to Community Facilities Districts ("CFDs").

Maintenance Community Facilities District ("CFD") Formation Steps

The infographic below is generic for informational purposes and was not created for this specific project. The infographic reflects the general steps included in the formation process when a minority of residents are requesting the public agency to initiate proceedings. When residents initiate the formation process, it is not uncommon to have a steering committee formed to determine if there is sufficient support to move forward. The steering committee referenced in the infographic is not a requirement.

Got Questions?

Email your questions directly to CivicMic and receive a free e-copy of the NBS Primer on Special Financing Districts with your first email.

Latest News by Neighborhood

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Latest News

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Data Center

Looking for just the data?  The Data Center contains complete copies of the required legal and administrative documents.

Oxnard 311 - Report a Problem

The City's Special District Division encourages residents to utilize the 311 App to report issues they see within their community or throughout the City.  Using the 311 App allows for a central location and tracking of issues and tasks for City staff.  Please select "Assessment Districts Request" when "Making a Request" on 311 related to a community served by a Landscape Maintenance District to ensure the request is directed to the Special Districts Division regardless of the issue.

Please note that if you are submitting a 311 request for an area, but you are no longer in that area, 311 will tag you at your current location and not the location of the issue.  You will need to move the tag on the map back to the location of the 311 request.  When submitting a 311 request, please try to be as descriptive as possible regarding the issue, location or action needed so that Special Districts can deploy staff for corrective action in a timely fashion.

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