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CivicMic works with The City of Pomona (the "City") to facilitate community outreach and public engagement opportunities for participation in the collaborative governance process for the Phillips Ranch community. In 1990, the City established a Consolidated Assessment District consisting of 6 individual landscape and lighting districts to fund certain landscape and lighting services. Phillips Ranch was included in two separate zones of these districts, Zone A & B. Over the years, maintenance costs and service levels have increased. Currently, maintenance costs for the district exceed assessment revenue resulting in the district not being able to continue to support the maintenance at the current assessment rate. The City is proposing the formation of a new assessment district, Phillips Ranch Landscape and Lighting Maintenance Assessment District ("Phillips Ranch LLMD"), with an increased maximum assessment rate which would generate sufficient revenue to support the increased levels of services and cost of maintenance.

Assessment Levy Summary for Fiscal Year 2022-23

  • Assessments levied on the secured property tax bill:
    • Zone A of Phillips Ranch - 3,195 parcels levied for a total of $924,211.
    • Zone B of Phillips Ranch - 97 parcels levied for a total of $27,733.
    • Total of Zones A and B combined - 3,292 parcels levied for a total of $951,944.
  • Current annual assessment per single-family residential unit:
    • Zone A of Phillips Ranch - $277.
    • Zone B of Phillips Ranch - $293.
  • Total expenses of Zones A and B combined - $1,362,348.
  • Current yearly shortfall (assessments vs. expenses): $410,404.
  • Click here for additional information including a breakdown of expenses by category.

Video of Community Meeting #2

February 22, 2022

Phillips Ranch Sample Ballot


As of November 3, 2022

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December 2022
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Informational Postcard & Survey

The initial informational postcard is mailed to property owners in the District explaining the background, process, and proposed assessment increase. A survey is also conducted online and over the phone to gather feedback from property owners on the assessment district and proposed increase.

Community Meeting 1

Host the first community meeting to go over the proposed increase, the 218 process, survey results, and other pertinent information. Give participants an opportunity to ask questions and provide their feedback.

Engineer's Report Finalized

The Engineer's Report is finalized.

Resolution of Intention Considered and Assessment Ballot Package Mailed

City Council considers the resolution of intention and the assessment ballot package is mailed no later than this date (45 days prior to the Public Hearing).

Community Meeting 2

Host the second community meeting to go over updates regarding the proposed increase, the 218 process, and the finalized engineer's report. Give participants an opportunity to ask questions and provide their feedback.

Public Hearing and Ballot Tabulation

City Council holds Public Hearing and City Clerk tabulates the Assessment Ballots. City Council considers the Resolution Confirming No Majority Protest Exists and Ordering the Levy (or alternatively the Resolution Confirming a Majority Protest Exists and Abandoning the Proceedings)

Community Participation Web Map

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Data Center

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