City of Rio Vista

The City of Rio Vista has teamed up with CivicMic to open the doors of communication, inviting you, the community, to engage and share your thoughts and learn about the city's water rate, wastewater rate, and stormwater fees. Together, we are promoting a shared understanding, fostering a sense of community involvement, and empowering you to have a voice in matters that directly affect you. We believe in the power of public engagement to shape Rio Vista's future, so let us make every conversation count!

Studies for the City of Rio Vista

Water Rate

Welcome to the dedicated section for the Rio Vista water rate initiative.

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Wastewater Rate

Dive deeper into Rio Vista's wastewater rates in this section.

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Stormwater Fee

This section is dedicated to the study of Rio Vista's stormwater rates.

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Municipal Rates and Utilities Committee Videos

Questions? Reach out to us here.

Got questions? We are here to help. Whether you are curious about how the rates are determined, want to understand more about your city's water management efforts, or you are simply keen to offer your insights and ideas, we welcome you to reach out to us. So, do not hesitate - connect with us today. We value your participation in shaping the future of water services in the City of Rio Vista.

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