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City of Rio Vista Stormwater Fee Requirements

This section is dedicated to the study of Rio Vista's stormwater rates. The city's research evaluates the costs associated with the collection, management, and treatment of stormwater runoff. This includes necessary infrastructure for protecting Rio Vista from flooding and the cost of meeting EPA stormwater regulations. The aim is to establish a fair stormwater rate that accurately reflects the cost of these essential services, while considering the economic impact on residents.

What is a Stormwater Rate Study?

A Stormwater Rate Study is a comprehensive assessment conducted by a specialized consultant (such as NBS in this case) to determine the financial viability, fairness, and cost-effectiveness of the rates charged by a stormwater utility. It involves detailed financial planning, cost-of-service analysis, rate design analysis and comparison with regional rates.

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Outline of what the new stormwater rate study will include:

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