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The City of South Gate has teamed up with CivicMic to open the doors of communication, inviting you, the community, to engage and share your thoughts and learn about the City's sewer rate increase. Together, we're promoting a shared understanding, fostering a sense of community involvement, and empowering you to have a voice in matters that directly affect you. We believe in the power of public engagement to shape our city's future, so let's make every conversation count!


Sewer Fee Increase Timeline

Frequently Asked Questions

The City is proposing the rate increase to fund essential repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and expansions to the sewer system. These improvements are aimed at maintaining the integrity of the infrastructure, meeting state and federal regulations, and ensuring the long-term viability of the system.

This rate increase also seeks to eliminate the impact to the General Fund. Impacts to the General Fund could impact City services funded by the General Fund such as public safety (SGPD), recreation (Parks) and other essential public services.

California Proposition 218, passed in 1996, provides property owners with certain rights when local governments wish to impose or increase certain fees, including sewer rates. If a proposed fee increase receives written protests from a majority of the affected property owners, the agency cannot approve the increase.

The City of South Gate will be unable to proceed with the rate increase. This means the city will not secure the anticipated funds essential for maintaining and upgrading the sewer system, potentially affecting its future functionality and efficiency.

The General Fund impact will grow to more than $2M annually in five years where the funding used for other essential public services such as public safety and recreation will be impacted.

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The city's sewer system, like any other infrastructure, undergoes wear and tear over time. Maintenance and repairs are continuous needs. Additionally, to comply with evolving environmental and health safety standards, system upgrades are essential. The funds generated from the sewer rate increase will ensure that South Gate can address these needs promptly without compromising service quality or safety standards.

Raising these funds would eliminate the impact to the General Fund, the deficit of which is expected to grow to $2M by FY 26/27. It will also provide funding for capital improvements (equipment and infrastructure), operations, and to fund a reserve balance for emergencies which does not currently exist.

Absolutely. The city has actively pursued multiple sources of funding, including previous grants and state and federal assistance.. While $4 Million has been secured and incorporated to reduce the amount of the proposed sewer rate increases, they only cover a portion of the total costs required to maintain and upgrade the sewer infrastructure adequately. Further they were insufficient to eliminate the sewer fund deficit and impact to the General Fund. Funding through other funding avenues is anticipated to be limited in the foreseeable future therefore the deficit will continue to be funded by the General Fund therefore limiting funding for other essential services.

While grants provide valuable financial assistance, they often come with stipulations on how they can be used. Some grants may be specifically for other city projects or initiatives and cannot be redirected to the sewer system. Moreover, grants typically cover a fraction of the costs, leaving the city to find additional resources to fund the entirety of a project.

No, residents of South Gate do not pay the highest sewer rates in the region. It's essential to compare the rates across different cities by considering the quality of service, the age and condition of the infrastructure, and other unique challenges each municipality might face.

As a part of the Sewer Rate Study, the City Council was presented a survey of comparative cities, including Redondo Beach, Long Beach, Pomona, Torrance, Norwalk, Lynwood, Whittier, and Manhattan Beach. The survey results demonstrated that South Gate residents paid the lowest rates of all of the cities.

When analyzed in this manner, South Gate's rates are competitive and reflect the City's commitment to providing a safe and efficient sewer system without overburdening its residents.

While rates can fluctuate and vary based on numerous factors, South Gate remains committed to keeping its rates as affordable as possible. Regular comparisons are made with neighboring cities to ensure that the rates charged are in line with regional averages and that residents receive value for their money.

Chart comparing South Gate Sewer Rates with nearby cities

Customers of record receiving City sewer service may protest the proposed 2024-2028 sewer service rate increases by submitting a written protest by mail or delivering in person to the South Gate City Hall, City Clerk’s Office at 8650 California Avenue, South Gate, CA 90280. To be deemed valid, protests must be in writing, signed, and contain the following information:

  1. A statement that the proposed rates that are the subject of the hearing are being protested.
  2. Name of the customer of record who is submitting the protest.
  3. The assessor’s parcel number and/or street address of the property with respect to which the protest is made.
  4. Original, wet signature and legibly printed name of the customer of record who is submitting the protest.
  5. Date the protest was signed.
  6. A statement by the named customer of record affirming the contents of the protest are true and correct.


Only one written protest per parcel, filed by a customer of record, shall be counted in calculating a majority protest. The City Clerk, or her designee, will tabulate the protests, and any member of the public may observe the tabulation. The existence of a majority protest will result in the rate increases not being imposed. All protests are public records and will be retained for a minimum of two years.

Written protests must be received by the City Clerk at South Gate City Hall, 8650 California Avenue, South Gate, CA 90280 prior to the close of the public hearing on January 23, 2024, to be considered valid and to
be counted in the protest tabulation.

  1. Review the Notice: You should receive a written notice from the City of South Gate proposing the rate increase. This notice will explain how to file a formal protest.
  2. Written Protest: Write a letter of protest that includes:
  • Your name and signature
  • Property address or parcel number
  • A statement indicating that you are the property owner and are protesting the proposed rate increase.
  1. Submission: Mail or deliver the written protest to the address specified in the notice. Make sure to meet the deadline mentioned in the notice for submitting protests.
  2. Public Hearing: A public hearing will be held on January 23rd to discuss the proposed rate increase. Attendance is optional but can be an opportunity to voice your concerns.
  3. Counting of Protests: At the end of the public hearing, all written protests are counted. If a majority of the affected property owners have submitted written protests, the proposed rate increase cannot be approved.

Sewer Rate Calculator

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Got questions? We're here to help. Whether you're curious about how the rates are determined, want to understand more about your city's sewer rates, or you're simply keen to offer your insights and ideas, we welcome you to reach out to us. So, don't hesitate - connect with us today. We value your participation in shaping the future of services in the City of South Gate.

City of South Gate Contact Information

8650 California Ave
South Gate, CA 90280
(323) 563-9576

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