Landscape, Lighting, and Street Maintenance Services in the City of Vista

The maintenance of our public streets in the City of Vista is largely funded through annual special financing district assessments.

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Maintaining these services benefits our community

  • Reduces traffic accidents and wear and tear on vehicles
  • Increases nighttime safety on roads and highways
  • Protects property values
  • Reduces criminal activity and vandalism
  • Moderates temperatures and reduces noise

The City of Vista is facing challenges in maintaining current service levels

Current Assessments Based on 1990s Maintenance Costs

Revenues from the initial annual assessments (based on cost of service in the 1990s) fall short of meeting today’s street repair, lighting, and landscaping needs. The City is exploring options to identify additional funding to maintain current service levels and to consider adding community-desired improvements such as speed humps and incorporating Integrated Pest Management into landscape maintenance practices to reduce the use of pesticides.

Engineer's Reports Detailing Costs/Benefits

In the 1990s, the Vista City Council approved the formation of three assessment districts: a citywide landscaping and street lighting district, a citywide street maintenance district, and the South Melrose landscaping district. Assessments for these services are collected through annual property tax bills to ensure a flow of funds for the construction, operations, and servicing of street maintenance, landscaping and lighting improvements citywide, including:

  • Street lighting system
  • Traffic signals
  • Street landscaping, including medians and public rights-of-way

State law requires an Engineers Report with descriptions of the improvements, estimated budget for costs, and the proposed assessments to be levied on each lot or parcel. The full Engineers Reports for all three of the existing districts can be viewed in the data center.

Join the conversation

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