CivicMic Outreach and Public Engagement

CivicMic Outreach and Public Engagement Services

CivicMic works with the City of Fairfield (the "City") to facilitate community outreach and public engagement opportunities for the City’s Landscaping and Lighting Maintenance Districts (“LLMDs”). During our time facilitating outreach and providing community members with the opportunities to engage with the City, we received some questions about our scope of services and the cost to the City for our services. In this post, CivicMic will explain the scope and cost of the CivicMic outreach and public engagement services.

The purpose of the CivicMic outreach and public engagement services in Fairfield is to help inform and engage the community on their LLMD, the Prop 218 process, and provide community members with multiple channels where they could give genuine feedback to the City. This process is meant to make governance both transparent and collaborative.

CivicMic Outreach and Public Engagement Services

The outreach and engagement services that CivicMic provides include:

  • Developing a communications plan
  • Designing and printing outreach materials
  • Mailing out the outreach materials
  • Setting up and managing a community website
  • Managing a social media page
  • Hosting community meetings
  • Fielding resident questions and concerns
  • Facilitating working groups

The total cost of CivicMic's services is $24,500. This includes the cost of the CivicMic team's time, as well as expenses like printing and mailing. This cost does not include the Prop 218 engineering analysis and balloting, which is handled by a different department and contract. The cost for that separate service is $53,000, bringing the total effort to $77,500.

To see more information about what the $24,500 covers, see the complete scope below:

CivicMic's Scope of Services

Webpage Creation - Develop and deploy content to a dedicated District webpage and social media

This task includes but is not limited to the following items. Each of these posts to the webpage is emailed directly to the District Listserv members. In addition, a link will be provided for the City website to send property owners directly to

  • Ongoing updates on maintenance
  • Legislative updates
  • Meeting announcements and minutes
  • Recordings of community meetings
  • Content development and updates for website and social media
  • Calendar of anticipated events (such as community meetings and service schedules.)
  • Background on the need for this project and revenue
  • History of use of current funds available to the City
  • Annual reports
  • Specialized mapping and graphics showing all Districts and each parcel's annual levy amount

Multilingual Factsheet

Individual Fact Sheet development and design

Email Campaign - Establishment of a Listserv

Using the CivicMic platform, we will establish an email contact list for most participants in this engagement. In addition, multiple postcards will be mailed out announcing the survey and community meetings and explaining how to sign up at to receive updates.

Surveys – Develop one annual online/mailed survey to gather information from communities

Focused Community Meetings - Provide the following meeting services for meetings

  • Hosting of up to two additional virtual or in-person meetings to allow the community to discuss current issues or desired updates to their existing District.
  • Creation and posting of Community Meeting notices on various outlets.
  • Leading of meetings with objectives created with the City before the meeting.
  • Development of action items based on feedback received at Community Meetings or from surveys and other ongoing communication efforts.
  • Recordings of Community Meetings will be shared to and social media sites.

Property Owner Support - Provide phone and email support throughout the process:

Developing trust in the community requires open lines of communication. The CivicMic staff spends 100s of hours responding to residents on the phone and on social media. A toll-free phone number will be provided for use by the City, property owners, and any other interested parties. Bilingual staff will be available for Spanish-speaking property owners. In addition, property owners can submit questions directly to

Working Group - Identify and Convene – 8 working group meetings are tentatively scheduled

Assemble a group of individuals to provide input on the project process and solution options. The CivicMic team will work with the community to determine individuals representing various communities and demographics within the proposed boundaries through surveys and meetings. We will then work with this group throughout the solution process to gather input and provide tools to share updates with various groups in the community.

CivicMic strives to provide the best possible outreach and public engagement services. We would appreciate your feedback about your experience with us in this process. Please take the short poll below.

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2 thoughts on “CivicMic Outreach and Public Engagement Services”

  1. Your description of activities the working group will complete in this document is significantly different from what you have communicated previously, if I understand correctly. You state that the working group will be providing input, it does not say to Civic mic or to the community, I’m assuming you mean we will be submitting input and solutions to Civic Mike for our district.
    Previous communications were all about going out to the community and US engaging people and getting them to sign up for civic mic. Very little else was noted as our goal. Dissemination of information to the community was the second item identified as the working groups main tasks. Please clarify that you truly want information from us as our main function, representing the community in this process.

    1. Hi Rick,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      The working group is a boots-on-the-ground effort whose main goal is to help facilitate, monitor, and improve community outreach and engagement efforts within the LLMDs. CivicMic’s role in this effort is to help assemble the groups and empower group members with accurate information to facilitate that discourse.
      Working groups started earlier than scheduled for your LLMD to help ensure accurate information was disseminated to the community. Earlier in the process, the main goal was to make your community aware that there is information about their LLMD and that more will be coming through Now that the working groups are officially slated to begin, the group was sent a breakdown of the overarching and specific meeting goals on 7/29. Please let us know if you would like us to resend this.

      If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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