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CivicMic Services for the City of Pomona

CivicMic works with The City of Pomona (the "City") to facilitate community outreach and public engagement opportunities for participation in the collaborative governance process for the Phillips Ranch community. In 1990, the City established a Consolidated Assessment District consisting of 6 individual landscape and lighting districts to fund certain landscape and lighting services. Phillips Ranch was included in two separate zones of these districts, Zone A & B. Over the years, maintenance costs and service levels have increased. Currently, maintenance costs for the district exceed assessment revenue resulting in the district not being able to continue to support the maintenance at the current assessment rate. The City is proposing the formation of a new assessment district, Phillips Ranch Landscape and Lighting Maintenance Assessment District ("Phillips Ranch LLMD") (the "District"), with an increased maximum assessment rate which would generate sufficient revenue to support the increased levels of services and cost of maintenance.

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2 thoughts on “CivicMic Services for the City of Pomona”

  1. Very nice report & very informative. I do have few questions:
    1.How many dollars have been used from the city’s general fund so far, & required to be reimbursed to the city, if so, how much & when?
    2. Electric utility (maintenance & Bill) in the Ranch LLMD is the responsibility of the Assessment district?
    3. Is it possible to itemize the pats year’s expenses by major categories (Like water, Electricity, Landscape, Tree maintenance, other?
    4. To maintain the current level of maintenance, adjusted to inflation what is the yearly cost estimated for next 5 years?
    5. To maintain the current level of maintenance, adjusted to inflation what is the yearly cost estimated for next 10 years?
    6. Now that City is collecting increased Property Tax from the Ranch Homeowners (Compared to 1987) any change of heart from the city to contribute at least part of the general fund to Phillips Ranch LLMD? (Say if the residents approve an additional $300 per year, then city will contribute 10% from its general fund)

    1. Hi Srinivasa,

      Thank you for your participation in this process.

      1. There have been no transfers from the general fund. However, the general fund has been paying for park maintenance since around 2014.
      2. That is correct.
      3. Yes, this will be covered in a slide in Thursday’s meeting.
      4. and 5. It will be $1,791,474.79 with inflationary adjustments determined by the Consumer Price Index for the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim region.
      6. Though the City has taken over park maintenance costs, the assessment has not changed since 1993.

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