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What is being considered?

The Kelseyville Fire Protection District is contemplating forming a Community Facilities District that would use a special tax to fund a new community fire station, fire engine, ambulances, and salaries for staff members working in the proposed station.

Why is the District looking to fund these improvements?

Fire Station - A new station in the Soda Bay corridor will be the first fire station conveniently placed within a 5-mile radius of the homeowners in that area. This additional station will:
• Significantly reduce response rates
• Allow for coverage when other staff members are on a call.
• Potentially reduce the homeowners’ insurance rates by enhancing the ISO rating.

Fire Engine - A fire engine is necessary for the new station to operate.

Ambulances – Functioning ambulances are of paramount importance because 90% of our callers request our Emergency Medical Services. The District’s current ambulances are over seven years old and need to be replaced to:
• Ensure optimal functionality.
• Reduce the risk of having a piece of equipment malfunction or go out-of-service on an emergency call.

Staffing – Increased staffing will result in more complete and adequate coverage and reduced response rates for both Fire and Emergency Medical Services in multiple areas surrounding the Soda Bay corridor, including Riviera Heights, Buckingham, and Riviera West.

Demographics and Key Facts for the Area of Study

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