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Neptune Drive Shoreline Flood Protection Assessment District

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Timeline for the Proposed Formation of the Neptune Drive Assessment District

As of June 1, 2021

  • (November/December) 2021

    Grant Award Notification

    The City recieves an award notification from FEMA regarding the grant.

  • Late 2021

    Preliminary Assessment District Formation

    While the grant is still being considered, preliminary work on the assessment begins. 

  • Spring 2022

    Grant Administration

    The grant is administered to help fund the project. This is a period when agreements are prepared and grant documents are executed.

  • Early September 2022

    Intent to Form Assessment District

    City Council considers Resolution of Intention to Form Assessment District and Resolution Preliminarily Approving the Engineer's Report.  Sets the date and time of the Public Hearing.

  • Mid September 2022

    Mail Assessment Ballots

    Mail Notice and Assessment Ballot to property owners subject to the proposed Neptune Drive Assessment District (no less than 45 days prior to the Public Hearing and tabulation of ballots).

  • Early November 2022

    Public Hearing and Ballot Tabulation

    City Council conducts Public Hearing and ballot tabulation; City Council considers Resolution Adopting Engineer's Report, Confirming the Assessments and Ordering the Work (at least 45 days after the mailing of the assessment ballots).

  • Early November 2022

    Pre-Debt Issuance Prepayment Starts

    Cash collection pay in full period starts (minimum of 30 days).

  • Early December 2022

    Pre-Debt Issuance Prepayment Ends

    Cash collection pay in full period ends (minimum of 30 days).

  • Early December 2022

    Debt Issuance

    Commence debt issuance proceedings.

  • 2022

    ACFCD Bid & Award Letter

    The County begins to bid the project and recieves an award letter.

  • 2023

    Charges Submitted to the County

    Assessment District charges submitted to the County of Alameda for placement on the secured property tax bills.

  • May-October 2023

    ACFCD Work

    The County project construction begins.

  • May-October 2024

    ACFCD Work

    The County project construction resumes and is completed. 

  • 2023 or 2024

    Neptune Work

    Construction begins and is completed.

  • Spring 2025

    Map Revision

    FEMA map revision is implemented.

Demographics and Key Facts for the Area of Study

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