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Santa Clara Valley Water District (“SCVWD”) was formed in 1929 and provides water wholesaling, flood control, groundwater management, and watershed stewardship on a countywide basis. The District manages 10 dams, 3 water treatment plants, a state-of-the-art water quality laboratory, nearly 400 acres of groundwater recharge ponds, and more than 275 miles of streams. They are also responsible for flood protection within the County. Their stewardship responsibilities include creek restoration and wildlife habitat projects, pollution prevention efforts, and a commitment to natural flood protection
SCVWD has a 5-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The program includes 68 projects totaling $8.021 billion. Approximately 16 percent of this amount, $1.3 billion, is anticipated to be funded by outside sources through reimbursements and cost-sharing partnerships. The program includes water supply, flood protection, water resources stewardship, buildings and grounds, and information technology projects.

SCVWD is working with CivicMic to engage stakeholders in the creation and adoption of impact fees as a viable funding mechanism to offset some of the water supply and flood protection CIP costs.

Impact Fees As a Source of Funding for Water Supply and Flood Protection CIP

Impact fees are imposed on property developers by local government for new infrastructure. These fees are typically a one-time payment and are meant to offset the financial impact of the new development.

In November 2017, the District received a Revenue Options Assessment from William C. Statler analyzing available revenue options that could potentially offset water rate increases or generating added revenues for flood protection and stream stewardship. The report concluded that development impact fees are a significant revenue option available to the SCVWD.

SCVWD is looking to determine interest and potentially partner with stakeholders in the adoption and implementation process.

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