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Area of Study

Highlighted map of the downtown tulare area

Background Information

The City desires to rehabilitate Downtown Tulare, which is divided into two assessment districts managed by the Tulare Downtown Association. NBS will evaluate the current Downtown Association program and compare the priorities of Stakeholders to that program. Then NBS will use the information gathered through the engagement process to recommend a funding mechanism that is the most feasible and meets the needs of the current community. Upon approval of our recommendation, we will complete the entire financing district approval process from start to finish while continuously educating the community thru the process.

Legal and Administrative Documents

Legal and administrative documents will be added as they become available.

Demographics and Key Facts for the Area of Study

The demographics, key facts, infographics, and data shown below have been obtained from ESRI's ArcGIS Community Analyst. CivicMic makes no claims, no representations, and no warranties, express or implied, concerning the validity (express or implied), the reliability or the accuracy of the demographics, key facts, infographics, and data shown below, including the implied validity of any uses of such data.

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