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Reserve Your Spot for the Downtown Tulare Virtual Meeting: Downtown Tulare's Future Awaits Your Voice!

The City of Tulare, alongside the Tulare Downtown Association, extends a warm invitation to you for an important virtual community meeting. This gathering is a key moment for your voice to be heard as we delve into shaping the future of Downtown Tulare.

Meeting Details:

  • Date: December 12, 2023
  • Time: 4:00 PM
  • Platform: Zoom (Virtual Meeting)

Click here to RSVP

Central Discussion Topic: Boundaries and Rates for Downtown Tulare

We are initiating critical discussions regarding the boundaries and rates within Downtown Tulare. Your insights and perspectives are essential in guiding these decisions.

Why Your Participation Matters:

  • Influence Key Decisions: Your input will play a significant role in shaping the policies and strategies for our downtown area.
  • Community Collaboration: This is an opportunity to collaborate with fellow property owners, ensuring a collective approach to our future.

We encourage you to invite fellow property owners. More participation means a broader range of perspectives, enriching our discussions and outcomes.

For More Engagement Opportunities Visit

As your dedicated advocates for a thriving and safe downtown, we understand the importance of community input in these discussions. Your participation is vital in helping us define the future of Downtown Tulare – a future that reflects our collective goals and values.

We eagerly await your valuable contributions and look forward to seeing you at the Downtown Tulare virtual meeting.

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