Fairfield LLMD Meeting Slides

Fairfield LLMD Meeting Slides and Video

The City of Fairfield and CivicMic hosted a virtual (Zoom) and telephone Fairfield LLMD community meeting on April 18, 2022, to discuss the proposed formations of new assessment districts for LLMDs No. 7, 11, & 13, the 218 process, a potential loan as a short-term funding solution, and the survey and poll results. In this post, CivicMic shares the Fairfield LLMD meeting slides and video.

Unanswered questions from the meeting will be addressed in an updated questions and answers post.

To view the map of each LLMD, please click here and zoom in to your district.

Fairfield LLMD Meeting Slides

(Click on any slide below to zoom in.  Hover the mouse pointer over any slide to stop.)

Presentation by the City of Fairfield

Presentation by NBS

Presentation by CivicMic

Video of the April 18 Community Meeting

Please click the button to watch the video.

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2 thoughts on “Fairfield LLMD Meeting Slides and Video”

  1. The statement that assessments have remained unchanged is false! We live in LLMD#13 and our rate was $138 per year, but was increased in the 2021-2022 tax year to $180 per year.
    Your engineer statement clearly shows the increase and the projected revenue in that statement increases from $540,226 for FY20-21 to $636,290 for FY 21-22. That same statement shows an estimate budget of $560,299, resulting in a surplus of $75,896 for FY 21-22. Please explain why a loan is necessary in this fiscal year for LLMD #13.

    1. Hi Dale!
      Let me address all parts of your questions:
      1. Assessments can rise only until they reach the established maximum assessment amount without the formation of a new assessment district. What hasn’t been increased is the maximum assessment amount. To increase an assessment beyond that point, a new assessment district must be formed. This means that the $138 amount was not the maximum assessment amount.
      2. For FY 20-21, LLMD 13 was actually in a net deficit not a surplus of $72,563. The total expenses ($612,789) exceeded the total revenue ($540,226).
      3. A loan is just a short-term funding solution to maintain services at levels comparable to FY 2020-21. The City isn’t making a recommendation about the loan, it is just giving residents the option. This is why we had a poll up giving residents a chance to give their input.

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