Fairfield Q and A Part 2

Fairfield Q & A Part 2: LLMDs 7, 11, 13

The City and CivicMic have received questions regarding the LLMDs. In this Fairfield Q & A part 2 post, CivicMic addresses additional questions received from community members for LLMDs No. 7, 11, and 13.

General Fairfield Q & A

Effective immediately, the City will restore irrigation and landscape maintenance services that were previously provided in the fiscal year 2020-2021, but were removed from the scope of work on January 1, 2022. To learn more about this please click here.

The public may assist with minor, general clean-up of public spaces without coordinating with the City. Please review the 4/18 community meeting recording, starting at hour 1:17:03, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IsjtNZGnPY&t for more general information. CivicMic is hosting workgroups to discuss ways residents can help with community clean-up, if you are interested in participating please email margerich@civicmic.com. If you have immediate questions about a specific area, please contact the Public Works operations team at (707) 428-7407.

Unfortunately, LLMDs do not qualify for these funds.

Rolling Hills LLMD No. 7 Q & A

Based on this description, this area is the responsibility of the district. We forwarded this request to the public works department and their team will assess it.

The City is working with NBS to determine what proportion of costs and square footage Hilborn Road represents in the landscape contract. Please click here if you would like the see the current contract scope of work. You may also contact the Public Works operations team at (707) 428-7407 if you have concerns about a specific area.

This matter was discussed at the City Council meeting on July 6, 2021, and again on December 21, 2021, with the first mailing to community members taking place in January. Since then, there have been numerous communications in the form of Town Halls, Community Meetings, City Council meetings, and written content, where residents were encouraged to participate. A working group has also been established to promote communication flow. 

The LLMD No. 7 maximum assessment rates per parcel are $250 for the Serpas Ranch development and $300 for the Rolling Hills development. The rates have not changed since the 1990s, and there are no authorized provisions in the rate formula for annual increases. Assessments levied on benefitting properties and funding from the General Fund total approximately $330,000 annually for maintenance and related expenses within the boundaries of the district. Expenses in Fiscal Year 2020/21 totaled over $580,000, resulting in a $250,000 shortfall. In the past, the district's carry-over fund balance has been used to cover deficits, but the fund balance for the Rolling Hills LLMD No. 7 is no longer adequate. As a result, services must be reduced. More information about this can be found here. https://www.civicmic.com/reduction-in-maintenance-services-city-of-fairfield-assessment-districts/

In the first year, now that the loan is approved, service levels will be comparable to the services for the fiscal year 2020-21. After that, there are different scenarios that could occur if a new Assessment District is or is not formed. Please watch the community meeting video from April 18, 2022, at the 18:37 mark, where the City goes into detail about the different scenarios. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IsjtNZGnPY&t

A Community Facilities District (“CFD”) is a separate funding structure from an Assessment District like an LLMD. Funds for the CFD were allocated for a particular purpose and voted upon by residents to be used for that purpose. They could not be used for an LLMD, which requires its own balloting process and determination of use. It would not be legally viable for a CFD to fund the services of an LLMD or an LLMD to fund the services of a CFD.

Funds from the general fund are not responsible for providing enhanced services for LLMDs. Although, certain areas may provide a general benefit, when the LLMD for Rolling Hills was established a special benefit was determined by an engineer in the places that are currently being assessed and that are part of the district.


The funds from one financial structure cannot be reallocated to another. Each structure has its own intended purpose. The district mentioned above is a school bond that pays for completely different services than the LLMD.


The maintenance fees for enhanced landscaping and lighting maintenance in the district is attributable to Rolling Hills, up to the maximum assessment approved for the district.

The Meadow Glen subdivision is included in the boundaries of, and paying assessments for, LLMD No. 7. The City does not have documentation explaining why the Meadow Glen Park was included in the 1994-59 description of work, however, maintenance for this park is not included in the current engineer’s report or landscape contract for this district.


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