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Fairfield Maintenance District Weekly Update: 2/17/23-2/24/23

Fairfield Maintenance District Weekly Update: 02/10/23 – 02/23/23

In this post, CivicMic shares the City of Fairfield maintenance district weekly update on the services being provided by TerraCare Associates for LLMDs No. 7 (Rolling Hills), 11 (Paradise Valley), & 13 (North Cordelia).

LLMD No. 7 – Rolling Hills

Last week, TerraCare continued working throughout the district cleaning up leaves, removing weeds, and spot spraying.

This week, TerraCare continued with the normal weekly maintenance and began aerating lawns on Hilborn Road. This is preparation of the seasonal turf maintenance required in March. It includes applying broadleaf pre- and post-emergent herbicides and fertilizer.

Next week, weather permitting, they will continue aerating and will begin applying fertilizer.

LLMD No. 11 – Paradise Valley North

TerraCare continued on Paradise Valley Drive and Manuel Campos Parkway with the normal weekly mowing and weed removal. In addition, they cleaned up leaves and spot sprayed. They also checked irrigation and aerated all lawns.

LLMD No. 13 – North Cordelia

Last week, TerraCare continued work on Green Valley Road, Mangles Boulevard and Business Center Drive. This work included mowing, cleaning up leaves, removing weeds, spot spraying, and checking the irrigation system.

This week in North Cordelia, TerraCare continued on Green Valley Road and Tuscany Trail with the normal weekly task list of mowing, weed removal and checking irrigation.

On January 1st, the City welcomed TerraCare Associates as the new landscape maintenance service provider for LLMDs No. 7 (Rolling Hills), No. 11 (Paradise Valley), and No. 13 (North Cordelia).

The City would like to provide weekly landscape maintenance updates to the three communities as part of the expanding communication plan. Each Fairfield maintenance district update is intended to be brief and highlight key landscape upkeep efforts. Weekly communications may include, but not be limited to, descriptions of completed and planned maintenance activities, pictures, maps, or other similar content.

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