Find Your 2020-21 Lincoln SFD Levy

Find Your 2020-21 Lincoln SFD Levy Amount

CivicMic works with the City of Lincoln to facilitate community outreach and public engagement opportunities for the City's Special Financing Districts ("SFDs").  In this post, CivicMic shares a web map and instructions on how to find your 2020-21 Lincoln SFD levy amount.  SFDs refer to the following City of Lincoln Community Facilities Districts and Assessment Districts:

  • Foskett Ranch Reassessment District No. 2017-1
  • Independence at Lincoln Community Facilities District No. 2019-1
  • Lakeside Community Facilities District No. 2006-1, Improvement Area No. 1
  • Lakeside Community Facilities District No. 2006-1, Improvement Area No. 2
  • Lincoln Airpark Community Facilities District No. 1998-1
  • Lincoln Crossing Community Facilities District No. 2003-1
  • Twelve Bridges Assessment District No. 1995-1 (Series 1999 and 2001)

Please click here to visit our Lincoln Data Center and access important information about the City's SFDs.

How to Find Your 2020-21 Lincoln SFD Levy Amount

The annual levies fund the construction, acquisition, and maintenance of certain public improvements throughout the City of Lincoln.  The 2020-21 SFD levies will appear on the County secured property tax bills due December 10, 2020, and April 10, 2021.

Finding your Lincoln SFD levy is easy!  Use our web map to zoom in, navigate the map, find and click on any property to view the levy for Fiscal Year 2020-21.  Use the web map by visiting our main page for the City of Lincoln or by clicking the images below.

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Visit the Lincoln Data Center

Click the button to visit the Data Center and learn more about the City's Special Financing Districts.

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