Kolob Estates LLMD Assessment

Finding Your Kolob Estates LLMD Assessment on Your Tax Bill

In this post, CivicMic takes a look at a sample property tax bill for a property owner in the Kolob Estates Landscaping and Lighting Maintenance Assessment District No. 8. The property tax bill below includes various property-related taxes and fees, with the Kolob Estates LLMD assessment labeled “Kolob Estates Maint Dist #8.”

The Kolob Estates LLMD assessments are apportioned on an equal basis to each of the 129 residential lots within the District. Unsubdivided areas within the District are assessed based on the lots proposed within each unsubdivided area. The following improvements are maintained through the revenue generated by the assessment:

  • All landscaping between the curb and sidewalk and all street lights on residential streets.
  • All landscaping on the east side of Oliver Road and on the south side of Waterman Boulevard between the sidewalk and the western and northern perimeter of the Kolob Estates Subdivision.
  • All landscaping along the eastern perimeter of Kolob Estates Unit No. 2 that is on the slope behind lots 43-51.
  • All lands owned by the City of Fairfield designated as open space.
  • All other landscape improvements necessary to maintain the facilities within the subdivision.

You can find your property tax bill by visiting fairfield.ca.gov/services/how-do-i/pay?, and selecting “Property Taxes.”

If you have any questions about the Kolob Estates assessment or the services provided, please contact Chris Lewis at (707) 428-7089 or clewis@fairfield.ca.gov.

If you have any questions about community meetings, surveys, postcards, or other public engagement efforts, please contact CivicMic at 1-800-676-7516 or contact@civicmic.com.

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