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Flood Insurance Study Excerpts: Neptune Drive Shoreline Flood Protection

In this post, CivicMic continues to share information about the Flood Insurance Study that has led the City of San Leandro to propose the formation of an assessment district to fund the construction of a levee for flood protection near the intersection of Neptune Drive and Marina Boulevard.

Important: Formation of the proposed assessment district must be approved by the affected property owners. The City can't form an assessment district without property owner approval.

Volume 1 of the FEMA Flood Insurance Study as revised December 21, 2018, is the source for the information below. We have provided a link at the bottom of this post to download this volume. Please note: It is a large file and the download may take a minute.

The Flood Insurance Study investigated the existence and severity of flood hazards and revised Flood Insurance Rate Maps. As you may recall, a link to these maps has been provided in this previous post: https://civicmic.com/flood-insurance-rate-maps-neptune-drive-shoreline-flood-protection/.

The study developed flood risk data for various areas of the County including San Leandro that will be used to establish actuarial flood insurance rates and for other purposes. Factors that induce flooding in Alameda County are winter storms of heavy rainfall, a steep topography, and constricted floodways. In the City of San Leandro, areas are subject to street flooding that have broad, shallow, and overland flooding that is generally less than 2 feet deep.

In San Leandro, the study resulted in a revision of flood zone classifications to Flood Insurance Rate Map Numbers 06001C0254H and 06001C0258H. You may find the flood zone classification of any property by accessing the FEMA Flood Map Service Center. A link has been provided in this previous post: https://civicmic.com/find-your-property-fema-flood-map-service-center/.

You may also find a comparison of the current flood zones (effective 12/21/2018) with the previous flood zones (effective 2009) here: https://www.arcgis.com/apps/CompareAnalysis/index.html?appid=620d324e31724237b98010ff8336e317.

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