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Hayden Tract PBID: Authorized Improvements

A few commercial property owners in the Hayden Tract met with City of Culver City officials to discuss opportunities to improve the commercial area relative to parking, mobility and pedestrian amenities. The discussion included the potential formation of a Hayden Tract PBID, a Property-based Business Improvement District, that could help fund future public improvements. A PBID is an assessment district comprised of area property owners that voluntarily assess themselves in order to fund and oversee communal improvements and programs in their commercial area. If approved, each owner would be assessed an annual assessment (based on a formula to be determined) as part of their property tax collection.

Important: The formation of a Hayden Tract PBID must be approved by the affected property owners. The City can't form a PBID without property owner support and participation.

Title 15, Chapter 15.11 of the the Culver City Municipal Code provides the authority and procedures for the formation of the Hayden Tract PBID.  Click here to read the City's Municipal Code.

The municipal code provides the specific activities, improvements, and maintenance that can be funded by a PBID.  These are commonly known as the "authorized improvements."  Determining which of the authorized improvements will be included in the Hayden Tract PBID is the first decision to be made by property owners and the City.  So, what are these authorized improvements?  Let's take a look.


  • Promotion of public events;
  • Furnishing of music in any public place;
  • Promotion of tourism;
  • Marketing and economic development, including business retention and recruitment;
  • Providing security, sanitation, graffiti removal, street and sidewalk cleaning, and other municipal services supplemental to those normally provided by the municipality.


  • Parking facilities;
  • Benches, booths, kiosks, display cases, pedestrian shelters and signs, trash receptacles, and public restrooms;
  • Lighting and heating facilities;
  • Decorations;
  • Fountains;
  • Planting areas;
  • Minor modifications of existing streets;
  • Facilities or equipment or both, to enhance the security of persons and property within the area; ramps, sidewalks, plazas, town centers or pedestrian malls;
  • Rehabilitation or removal of existing public structures;
  • Installation or planting of landscaping;
  • Installation or construction of statuary, fountains, and other ornamental structures and facilities;
  • Installation or construction of any facilities which are appurtenant to any of the foregoing, or which are necessary or convenient for the maintenance or servicing thereof, including, but not limited to, grading, cleaning, removal of debris, the installation or construction of curbs, gutters, walls, sidewalks or paving, or water, irrigation, drainage or electrical facilities.


The furnishing of services and materials for the ordinary and usual maintenance, operation, and servicing of any improvement, including:

  • Repair, removal, or replacement of any part of the improvement;
  • Providing for the life, growth, health, and beauty of landscaping, including cultivation, irrigation, trimming, spraying, fertilizing, or treating for disease or injury;
  • The removal of trimmings, rubbish, debris, and other solid waste;
  • The cleaning, sandblasting, and painting of walls and other improvements to remove or cover graffiti.

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