Hayden Tract Public Improvements

Hayden Tract Public Improvements

In this post, CivicMic focuses on the need for public improvements in the Culver City area known as the Hayden Tract.  Representatives of 49% of the properties in the Hayden Tract met with City officials on August 20, 2018 to discuss the need for Hayden Tract public improvements.  The meeting covered the potential formation of a Property-based Business Improvement District ("PBID") to fund the Hayden Tract public improvements.

The group discussed desired public improvements such as parking, parking shuttle service, sidewalks, signage, improved traffic circulation, scooter lanes, green spaces, and electrical and sewer infrastructure improvements.

The PBID would fund Hayden Tract public improvements that would not otherwise occur due to the lack of funding from the City's General Fund.  The formation of a PBID would result in a new charge added to the secured property tax bill of parcels within the Hayden Tract.

Important: The formation of a PBID must be approved by the affected property owners.  The City can't form a PBID and add a new charge to the property tax bill without property owner participation.

The Hayden Tract

Additional items discussed at the meeting in regards to the City's financial position and steps being taken by the City to improve the area:

  • 70% of the City's traffic does not start or end in Culver City.
  • The City has improved traffic with the addition of the new Metro Station at National and Washington and is currently working on the first and last mile.
  • The City understands that scooters are popular and need to figure out how to accommodate them.
  • The City gets $0.10 for every $1.00 of property taxes and has a $250M retirement fund liability.
  • The City has invested in a citywide high-speed internet (fiber optic) initiative.
  • The City does not have available funding for street improvements in the Hayden Tract.
  • The City is currently working on a Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan.
  • The City can assist in the development of a plan to aid traffic circulation as it did for the Rancho Higuera area with the Cattle Corner Plan.

The Cattle Corner Plan improves traffic circulation!

Watch a video on how the Cattle Corner Plan improves traffic circulation in the Rancho Higuera area.

Please visit CivicMic often as additional information on how to participate in the Hayden Tract improvements will be posted throughout the year.  In the meantime, please use the "Share this:" buttons below to share this post with your neighbors and read others posts with valuable information.

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