Hayden Tract Survey Results

Hayden Tract Survey Results

The City of Culver City has updated the announcement of the location, date, and time of the Hayden Tract meeting to discuss potential improvements/enhancements in the Hayden Tract and explore the formation of a Property Business Improvement District ("PBID").  In preparation for the meeting, CivicMic is releasing the preliminary Hayden Tract survey results.  Please click here to take the survey if you own property or operate a business in the Hayden Tract.

Hayden Tract PBID

Several Hayden Tract property owners have reached out to the City of Culver City officials to discuss the need for public improvements in the area such as traffic mitigation, sidewalks, and utility infrastructure. One potential option to achieve these enhancements includes the potential formation of a Hayden Tract Property-based Business Improvement District ("PBID") that could bring together owners to prioritize and fund the public improvements via a special assessment.

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Preliminary Hayden Tract Survey Results

Help the City Prepare for the Meeting

The main purpose of the upcoming meeting is to reach a consensus on the desired Hayden Tract public improvements and enhancements to be funded by the proposed Hayden Tract PBID.  Based on preliminary survey results, the top desired public improvements appear to be:

  1.  Parking
  2.  Sidewalks and pedestrian amenities such as seating areas and green space
  3.  Improved traffic circulation

Please help the City prepare for the meeting by leaving a comment to this post (scroll down to the bottom) expanding and providing additional details on the top desired improvements listed above.  For example, what kind of parking facilities do you prefer?  Parking lots, parking structures, park and shuttle, or list other types.  Additional details for sidewalks, pedestrian amenities, seating areas, green space, and improved traffic circulation are also greatly appreciated.  The City wants to hear from as many property owners as possible, so please encourage other members of the community to participate.  Comments posted below will help the City conduct an effective and efficient meeting.

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