Hesperia Golf CFD Proposed Rates

Hesperia Golf CFD Proposed Rates

In preparation for the upcoming virtual community meeting, CivicMic shares the Hesperia Golf CFD proposed annual rates with Zone 3 included.  The formation of a CFD (Community Facilities District) results in an annual special tax added to the secured property tax bill of parcels within the boundaries of the CFD.  The special tax will assist the City with the funding of improvements, maintenance, and ongoing operations of the Hesperia Golf & Country Club.    If you are new to this topic, please click here to read our previous posts with valuable background information.

Important: Formation of a CFD must be approved by the affected voters. The City can't form a CFD without voter approval.

Hesperia Golf CFD Proposed Annual Rates

Rates are subject to a 2% increase every year to keep up with inflation on maintenance and operations.

Previously Proposed Annual Rates Before the Addition of Zone 3 Parcels

Find the proposed annual rate for any parcel!

The web map has been updated with the latest Hesperia Golf CFD proposed rates.  Left-click on any parcel within the boundaries of the CFD and refer to the "Proposed Special Tax" amount.

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10 thoughts on “Hesperia Golf CFD Proposed Rates”

  1. Why does the city believe the burden of this tax increase should be shouldered only by the homeowners that live on or near the golf course? Most of whom do not play golf. This proposal needs to be a city wide issue as residents come from other parts of the city to use the facility. The map indicates a large percentage of the homes affected have no idea what the city is attempting to do, and it is the responsibility of the city to make a much better effort in notifying these homeowners.

    1. The City is exploring all options to keep the Golf and Country Club open. In prior years, the residents did not support a Citywide parcel tax to fund Fire Safety. The City feels, at this time, it is unlikely that the same residents will fund golf course maintenance. There is a desire from many residents that live near the golf course to keep it open. Residents have stated benefits such as a gorgeous view and improved property value. The City hired CivicMic to reach as many community members as possible. We have mailed out three notices about the proposed special tax and plan to hold the second community meeting on October 21st at 6:30. Please help us to spread the word and help us get as many community members to the next meeting as possible.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I understand the need to increase revenue to fund the golf course. However, as a retired marketing executive, spending the last 40 years marketing systems to the government and defense contractors, I see no effort whatsoever in any past marketing effort to increase play at the Hesperia facility. During the first zoom\conference call in May, somebody asked the question “How does the management company that operates the golf course intend to increase play?” The answer was “word of mouth!” I nearly fell out of my chair. If I had told my boss my plan for sales and marketing was “word-of-mouth”, He would had fired me on the spot. That is not a plan.

        My nephew is the golf pro at Industry Hills Golf Course in the City of Industry. There is actually two 18 hole courses there. I asked him how they promote and increase play there. He indicated it’s a combination of things, such as running ads in the local golf magazines, banner ads on golf web sites, and even a billboard along the 60 freeway. They also solicit to corporations and businesses to have their corporate events and tournaments there. There are many ways to increase play, but Hesperia has done nothing. I-15 (in normal times prior to the Covid 19 issues) is a pipeline of money between L.A. and Las Vegas. Many people are going to play golf in Las Vegas, among other things. The city needs to tap into that pipeline. They have no idea as they pass the main street exit there is a great course here in Hesperia. A bill board would be a good place to start. ( Even the topless bar in Hesperia had a billboard up on I-15, They knew they they needed to advertise)

        The club house supported a nice bar and restaurant at one time. It has the potential to attract locals and family’s as a dining destination. It was used to host wedding receptions, party’s, and social events at one time, and could be again. But it’s all about marketing and exposure. I think the city’s first option of going to the well for more money at this time is a mistake. Lastly, I only received 1 notification in the mail regarding scheduled meetings, not 3. My neighbors haven’t seen those announcement either. Thanks for this opportunity to reply.

        1. Hi Robert,

          Very good points! I am aware of additional efforts being taken by the golf operator to promote/market the facilities. We will reach out to the operator and will get you all an update on what activities they are taking to promote the golf course. Your input is appreciated!

  2. This is ridiculous we’re already paid more for the land with a view. How in the world can you charge $500 a month for something I don’t even use. I have never use the golf course!

    1. Please note: The proposed special tax rates shown are annual – the amount annually added to the property tax bill. Not monthly.

  3. For me the annually tax is about 500 per. Month times 12 months equals 6000 dollars a year.
    Let’s not be fooled by the word annually charged is still almost 500 a month times 12 build once a year for approximately $6000 a year
    I live on Sutter St., Hisperia overlooking the golf course I paid a premium for my lot because of
    The view of the whole valley I do not play golf so If it is turned into Desert terrain because of the cost of water which you got the rights to which the city owns Purchased already which makes no sense. Please get the word out to your neighbors that are affected especially the renters because the landlords are the ones going to be paying that large fee which means they need to raise the rent by 500 a month to break even . Also it’s going to make it very difficult to rent a property on or near the golf course even though they don’t use it! The property values of all the homes affected will be impacted because of the extreme fees every year close to the same cost of fire or flood insurance.
    When you sell your home you have to disclosed to the new buyer these exorbitant fees which will lower your house value and then some cases make it unsellable.

    1. Hi T J,

      Please note the amounts shown are NOT per month – they are per year. The highest rate, for a single family residence facing the golf course (Zone 1), is $408 per year equivalent to $34 per month. If the rates were monthly, the total amount being collected from 935 units would be in the millions, but these rates fund a total of $250,000 for the year.

  4. They gave me new information but it’s 400 plus dollars per Year and can go up every year that’s still too much based on I get no value for what I already purchased years ago in the expense of purchasing a View lot. These fees should be absorbed by the people that use the golf course.

    1. I do not use the golf course. I am a not very healthy and I am a retired woman struggling to pay my property taxes which increase every year. The golf course is not for me.

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