Hesperia Golf CFD Update

Hesperia Golf CFD Update

Updated January 22, 2021

In this post, CivicMic shares the latest Hesperia Golf CFD update for the proposed formation of a Community Facilities District ("CFD") to assist the City of Hesperia with the funding of improvements, maintenance, and ongoing operations of the Hesperia Golf & Country Club. The formation of a CFD results in a special tax added to the secured property tax bill of parcels within the boundaries of the CFD.

The City does not currently have a funding source, in addition to revenue produced by the course, to support golf course maintenance and operations because the City does not receive funding for Parks and Recreation. Since purchasing the golf course in 2010, the golf industry has seen a decline across the nation, including local markets. These two facts have presented a significant budgetary challenge to the City. In 2019, the City of Hesperia began the process of evaluating alternate options to fund the Hesperia Golf Course. This process began prior to the pandemic, prior to the economic downturn, and prior to a socially restrictive climate that bolstered outdoor activities such as golf.

Despite stay-at-home orders, the City conducted a robust public outreach campaign to engage residents living near the golf course in discussions on the budgetary challenges of maintaining and operating the Hesperia Golf & Country Club. The City introduced the option to the community of participating in a Community Facilities District (CFD) to support golf course maintenance and operations. A series of community meetings and surveys through a collaborative governance process was conducted to consider residents’ opinions, concerns, and support for the options and their vision for the facility's future.  The City has carefully weighed each and every comment, concern, and question raised throughout the collaborative process.

Hesperia Golf CFD Update

After weighing resident feedback and concerns on the current state of the Hesperia Golf Course, the City has decided to postpone discussions on the formation of a Community Facilities District.  As a result, there will not be an election and no ballots will be cast for or against the CFD; the issue has been tabled. Currently, there is no established timeframe as to when the issue will be revisited.

The City is also postponing discussions on what to do with the golf course.  The facility will remain open and subsidized by the City for now.  As mentioned at our last meeting and in a previous post, golf revenue has exceeded projections due to recent higher play activity presumably because of the pandemic and improvements made to the course.  However, the revenue increase has not been sufficient to break even, but it is a positive sign and the City can delay this issue for now. (January 22, 2021)

CivicMic and the City of Hesperia are thankful for everyone's participation and input in this important discussion and look forward to seeing you all on the course.  Fore!

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