Hesperia Golf Course CFD Formation Steps

Hesperia Golf Course CFD Formation Steps

As previously reported by CivicMic, the City of Hesperia is considering the formation of a Community Facilities District ("CFD") to assist with the funding of Hesperia Golf Course improvements, maintenance and ongoing operations.  Click here to learn about the background, recent improvements made to the golf course, current status and future plans.

Important: Formation of a Community Facilities District must be approved by the affected voters. The City can't form a Community Facilities District without voter approval.

Hesperia Golf Course CFD Formation Steps

A viable long-term solution being proposed to improve and maintain the golf course and related facilities is the formation of a maintenance Community Facilities District.  The pictures below represent a summary of the Hesperia Golf Course CFD formation steps.  Additional information on the formation steps below will be provided at the upcoming community meetings and additional posts here by CivicMic.

Maintenance Community Facilities District ("CFD") Formation Steps

The infographic below is generic for informational purposes only and was not created for this specific project. The infographic reflects the general steps of the CFD formation process, including the participation of a steering committee to assist the public agency in determining if there is sufficient support to move forward. The steering committee referenced in the infographic is not a requirement of the formation process. Currently, there is no citizen steering committee for this project.  The outreach being conducted is intended to determine if there is support by the nearby residents for a CFD to assist the general fund with funding to keep the golf and country club open.

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