Hesperia Golf Course Survey

Hesperia Golf Course Survey: Comments Received

CivicMic has received many responses to the Hesperia Golf Course survey designed to identify facility improvements desired by the community and a preferred date/time for a virtual informational meeting.  The Hesperia Golf & Country Club, owned by the City, has been under new management since September 2019.  Please click here to take a picture tour of the many improvements made to the facilities since September 2019.  However, many more improvements are needed.

  • Repair the aesthetic lakes on the course
  • Overhaul and modernize the irrigation system
  • Renovate the clubhouse, including replacement of the roof
  • Repair the parking lot
  • Replace air conditioning units
  • Replace beverage coolers
  • The fertilizing, top-dress and aerifying of the greens
  • Repairing mowers and turf equipment
  • Improving food and beverage options
  • Developing and rehabilitation of the driving range
  • Increasing marketing efforts

The City is exploring the formation of a Community Facilities District ("CFD") to provide a funding mechanism for citizens that receive the direct benefit of living near the golf course to cover a portion of the golf course operations and much needed enhancements. Operation and maintenance of the golf course in future years could result in the depletion of General Fund reserves without the additional funding provided by the proposed CFD.

The formation of the CFD would result in a special tax being added to the annual property tax bill of properties near the golf course.  This special tax is a dedicated and restricted source of funding that can only be used for improvements, maintenance and services related to the Hesperia Golf & Country Club and no other purposes. 

Important:  Formation of a Community Facilities District must be approved by the affected voters. The City can't form a Community Facilities District without voter approval.

Hesperia Golf Course Survey Results

Respondents to the survey have indicated the following top benefits of living near the Hesperia Golf & Country Club (in no particular order).

  • Quiet community
  • Open spaces and green "park-like" setting
  • Being able to play golf close to home
  • Beautiful views
  • No backyard neighbors
  • Adds value to home
  • Pride of the City as a former PGA tour golf course
  • Sense of community
  • Wildlife - Sounds of nature

Respondents have indicated the following desired improvements to the golf course and facilities (in not particular order).

  • Keep course green, clean, and manicured
  • Finish reclaimed water pond and restore other ponds
  • Weed and debris abatement
  • Improve driving range
  • Better bunkers and fairways
  • Improve cart paths
  • Add amenities to Country Club (swimming pool, fitness facilities, event rooms, expand restaurant)
  • Address safety concerns about hotel/motel next door
  • Improve parking lot, bathrooms, and buildings
  • Host classes, weddings, and other events
  • Add walking/jogging path

Two-thirds of respondents have used the facilities in some manner.  Most respondents support the idea of improving the Hesperia Golf & Country Club and would like to participate in a video virtual meeting to learn more about this project.  (Updated 5/5/2020) - The survey is now closed.  CivicMic will release a date and time with instructions for the virtual community meeting. 

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5 thoughts on “Hesperia Golf Course Survey: Comments Received”

  1. The boundary for this Proposed tax is absurd. Especially for the home owners who have no view and are not benefited by this golf course. Sell the golf course and let someone else take care of it. This would cause a substantial increase in property tax and Hardship especially for people on fixed incomes. This golf course is situated in a canyon subject to flash flooding/natural disaster, which In turn, repair and restoration would fall on the shoulders of the taxpayers, Creating assessments or Levy?s.

  2. Not all residents who live on or near the golf course even use it. It is not a country club community that mandates a tax. Residents of the Hesperia ‘Country Club’ Inn are (allegedly still) registered sex offenders and parolees. There is no pool, tennis courts, or even a restaurant to draw anyone except golfers (aside from the small snack bar which serves chips, hot dogs and alcohol). Discuss taxes with golfers (no offense to them – I’m not saying they should pay all the taxes), but trying to collect from residents who already pay high CA property taxes, insurance for living in a flood zone, etc. is simply not right – especially for the dynamics of this place.

    1. The City is exploring all options to keep the Golf and Country Club open. There have been many comments about the Hesperia Country Club Inn apartments. The City does not own the apartments, and they are not affiliated with the Hesperia Golf and Country Club.

    2. Please note that the golf course operator has increased fees as improvements have been made to the course. The fees are subject to market pressure and can only be as high as the market can bear.

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