Hesperia Meeting Follow-Up Part 2

Hesperia Meeting Follow-Up Part 2

In preparation for the second community meeting, CivicMic provides the latest information in this post titled "Hesperia Meeting Follow-Up Part 2" regarding the proposed formation of a Community Facilities District ("CFD") to assist with the funding of improvements, maintenance, and ongoing operations of the Hesperia Golf & Country Club.  The formation of a CFD results in a special tax added to the secured property tax bill of parcels within the boundaries of the CFD.  If you are familiar with this topic, please scroll down past the "Quick Links."  If you are new to this topic, please click on the "Quick Links" below for valuable background information.

Important: Formation of a CFD must be approved by the affected voters. The City can't form a CFD without voter approval.

Quick Links
Project Background
Improvements Made to the Golf Course and Facilities Since September 2019 by the City
Meeting Follow-Up Part 1
Proposed Special Tax Rates
Video: First Community Meeting
Web Map with Proposed Boundaries and Zones

As you may recall from our previous posts, the City has considered many of the comments, ideas, and questions received from Hesperia residents at the first community meeting.

Hesperia Meeting Follow-Up Part 2

In this post, CivicMic shares additional answers to questions received from the community:

  • Why isn't the City pursuing a citywide special tax at this time?
    • The City is exploring all options to keep the golf course open. In prior years, the residents did not support a citywide parcel tax to fund Fire Safety. Consequently, the City feels, at this time, it is unlikely that the same residents will support assisting the City with funding for the maintenance and operations of the golf course.

  • Has the golf course operator increased rates?
    • Yes, the golf course operator has increased fees as improvements have been made to the course. The fees are subject to market pressure and can only be as high as the market can bear.
      • Weekday rates have increased from $32 to $39 (a 21% increase) in the past year.
      • Weekend rates have increased from $42 to $49 (a 17% increase) in the past year.
      • Season single pass rates have increased from $175 to $250 (a 43% increase) in the past year.
      • Season family pass rates have increased from $215 to $325 (a 51% increase) in the past year.
      • The number of season pass holders has increased from 50 to 80 (a 60% increase) in the past year.
      • Driving range revenue has increased from $27,743 to $38,000 (a 36% increase) in the past year.
    • However, according to financial projections, operating expenses are projected to exceed the golf course revenue.
    • The City has invested approximately $570,000 to improve the golf course and facilities in Fiscal Years 2019/20 and 2020/21.  Please click here to view improvements made to the golf course since September 2019.
    • In total, the City has invested over $1.8M to improve, maintain, and operate the Hesperia Golf & Country Club in Fiscal Years 2019/20 and 2020/21.
    • The City will continue to contribute approximately $200,000 per year to the maintenance and operation of the golf course if the special tax is approved by the registered voters within the boundaries of the CFDClick here to view the boundaries of the CFD.
    • Please refer to the “Financial Plan Chart” below shared by the City at the first community meeting for additional information.

  • What activities has the operator taken to promote the golf course and facilities?
    • New website with pictures and updated information promoting the golf course.
    • Updated and expanded the email list for promotions.
    • New Instagram page.
    • Increased the number of tournaments and outings as improvements have been made to the course.  Unfortunately, COVID-19 has slowed down group activities.
    • Promotions resulted in the booking of a wedding and a celebration of life event.  Unfortunately, COVID-19 has slowed down group activities.
    • The restaurant, banquet room, and bar have been remodeled but unable to sit customers inside due to COVID-19 restrictions.
    • The golf shop has been remodeled and stocked with new items resulting in an increase in sales from $1,552 last year to $30,000 this year.
    • Junior golf classes and player development lessons are now being offered.
    • Improvements funded by the City to get the golf course back in great shape and the remodeling/fixing of the clubhouse have helped promote the facilities.  This community asset has improved significantly over the past year.

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3 thoughts on “Hesperia Meeting Follow-Up Part 2”

  1. I don’t understand this at all. My wife and I are 75 and 76 years old and trying to live on SS. We do not play golf and can’t even see the golf course from our house. The only way we can see it is if we walk to the end of our property and look over the edge down the hill. This is not right. You are paying the people way too much money to manage the course.

  2. We will not support this improvement not only because we have to drive to visit the Course or even view it. Certainly, based on the afore mentioned fact, we can’t possibly believe that it will improve the value of our property and besides, we plan to reside at our present location forever, or until we perish from the earth.

    We still cannot conceive why our property was included within the zone for an increase in our property taxes except to share in the cost of the improvements, to make the Tax increase more palatable for the properties who are within “sight” of this supposed improvement and have the most opportunity to increase their property value.

  3. We are against the tax because we can’t see the golf course from our house or even easily walk to a viewpoint. We don’t use the course or the facilities there. Applying this tax to us/residents like us just simply doesn’t make sense. Our proximity to the golf course doesn’t benefit us at all.

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