Hesperia Meeting Follow-Up Part 3

Hesperia Meeting Follow-Up Part 3

In preparation for the second community meeting, CivicMic provides the latest information in this post titled "Hesperia Meeting Follow-Up Part 3" regarding the proposed formation of a Community Facilities District ("CFD") to assist with the funding of improvements, maintenance, and ongoing operations of the Hesperia Golf & Country Club.  The formation of a CFD results in a special tax added to the secured property tax bill of parcels within the boundaries of the CFD.  If you are familiar with this topic, please scroll down past the "Quick Links."  If you are new to this topic, please click on the "Quick Links" below for valuable background information.

Important: Formation of a CFD must be approved by the affected voters. The City can't form a CFD without voter approval.

Quick Links
Project Background
Improvements Made to the Golf Course and Facilities Since September 2019 by the City
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Proposed Special Tax Rates
Video: First Community Meeting
Web Map with Proposed Boundaries and Zones

As you may recall from our previous posts, the City has considered many of the comments, ideas, and questions received from Hesperia residents at the first community meeting.

Hesperia Meeting Follow-Up Part 3

In this post, CivicMic shares additional answers to questions received from the community:

  • What are the benefits of living near the Hesperia Golf & Country Club as listed by residents in response to the surveys hosted by CivicMic?
    • Living near a golf course is a dream for many people, especially if you enjoy playing golf. Of course, playing a round of golf whenever you want isn’t the only benefit homeowners receive from living near a golf course.  Many of the Hesperia residents listed these additional benefits:
      • The scenery - beautiful unobstructed views with lush trees and grass within walking distance.
      • Preservation of home values higher than those without a golf course nearby.
      • A beautiful place to take walks with or without a dog.
      • Peaceful and quiet surroundings.
      • The prestige of living in a desirable neighborhood considered by many as one of the most beautiful areas in Hesperia near a former PGA tour golf course.
      • Country club rental opportunities for private parties.
      • The wildlife that inhabits the course resulting in a country-setting feeling.
      • A beautiful setting to bike or drive.

  • What happens if revenues exceed projections for a given year?
    • Under the proposed plan, annual improvements, maintenance, and operations of the Hesperia Golf & Country Club would be funded by golf/facilities revenue ($760,500 projected for Fiscal Year 2021/22), $270,000 from water leases, $200,000 from the City's General Fund, and $250,000 from nearby residents through a special tax.  Golf/Facility revenue may exceed projections as conditions of the course and facilities improve.  Consequently, the City has proposed the distribution and application of excess funds in the following manner:
      • 40% to be applied as a credit to lower the special tax the following year.
      • 30% to be applied as a credit to lower the General Fund contribution the following year.
      • 30% to be saved as reserves for unexpected repairs or additional improvements.

  • Will there be free rounds of golf for residents subject to the special tax?
    • Yes, this is an option.  The City and the operator will be working on the details of this special program to be included in the documents required for the establishment of the special tax ("the CFD formation documents").

  • Will the City consider renaming the neighborhood if the special tax is approved?
    • Yes, this is an option.  As you may recall from our previous post (click here to read), if desired by the residents, the special tax can be increased to fund new signage and monuments throughout the neighborhood costing a total of $40,000.  Four (4) monuments would be installed and the green street signs would be replaced with a unique color specific to the neighborhood.
    • This would be a perfect time to rename the neighborhood.  In fact, a resident has already submitted a suggestion for a name:  "Hawk's Ridge."  "My family and I enjoy the view tremendously and have noticed the wind will blow through creating an updraft as it moves up the north ridge.  It is this updraft where we see time and again hawks using it to hover effortlessly looking down for food.  It's quite a sight."
    • Do you like Hawk's Ridge?  Feel free to post suggestions in the comments box below.

Hesperia Golf & Country Club

(Picture was taken by Janet Flecher from the parking lot of the Mile High Cafe on Orange Street, Hesperia, CA)

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