Fairfield LLMDs Engineer’s Report

How to Give Feedback for the Fairfield LLMDs Engineer’s Report

In this post, CivicMic explains how you can provide feedback and community insight for the 23/24 Fairfield LLMDs engineer’s report currently being created for your Landscaping and Lighting Maintenance District (“LLMD”).

CivicMic, in collaboration with NBS Engineers and the City, has and will continue to provide many opportunities and channels for community members to provide comments and input about their desires for their district. We know that different community members prefer different ways of providing feedback about their district, and we want to ensure that our process is inclusive of all the different voices in the community.

It’s essential to note the importance of community feedback in developing and finalizing the engineer’s report. Your voice matters and will help shape the final draft of the engineer’s report, which establishes the blueprint for maintenance and improvement plans in your district. The options to provide feedback (listed later in this post) are useful and instructive ways for the City to hear your perspective. Whichever option(s) you choose, you can be assured that your input will be reviewed, considered, and, in many cases, directly reflected in the Fairfield LLMDs engineer’s report.

This crucial aspect of public engagement is not a one-time event where all community members are expected to submit their input, but an ongoing process through which the City understands the questions, concerns, and ideas of residents so that the engineer’s report—and all the projects and improvements within it—reflects the priorities of the community. The time to share your perspective with the City is now.

How to Give Feedback for the Fairfield LLMDs Engineer’s Report

The following is a list of the various ways in which community members can give feedback before the report is made public.

Community Meetings

Community meetings are a great way to connect with CivicMic, NBS Engineers, and local officials to provide your input. This is an opportunity to not only learn about your LLMD but an opportunity to provide your community insights. Visit civicmic.com/fairfield to see when the next meeting is.

Working Groups

CivicMic wants to ensure that your community is at the forefront of this process. This is why we have created a working group to help facilitate the sharing of information with the community. The working group is a wonderful opportunity to meet in a smaller group setting and discuss what issues and concerns you have been hearing from your neighbors and others in your community. If you are interested in joining the working group for your LLMD, please contact Michelle at margerich@civimic.com and we will get you connected.


In collaboration with the City, CivicMic drafts and disseminates surveys so that community members can provide your desires for your LLMD directly. Surveys are one of the simplest and most successful methods for gathering feedback. Surveys provide CivicMic, the City, and NBS engineers with a lot of important information, which is utilized to shape what is included in the services and structures provided by the LLMD that make up the Fairfield LLMDs engineer’s report.

Contact CivicMic

If you prefer to provide your insight in a one-on-one format, CivicMic is always happy to have a conversation with you. You may reach out directly to us via phone or at any time via email. We love talking to community members and hearing your insights on the needs of your community.

Phone: 1-800-676-7516

Email: contact@civicmic.com

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