Kelseyville Fire CFD Staffing

Kelseyville Fire CFD Staffing

Kelseyville Fire CFD Staffing

Kelseyville Fire Protection District (the “District”) is considering forming a Fire Community Facilities District (“CFD”) to not only finance a fire station in the Soda Bay corridor but also to fund increased Fire and EMS services. One of the items that the proposed CFD would address would be expanding the staffing to support the services provided. In this post, CivicMic shares information about the Kelseyville Fire CFD staffing increase if the CFD is approved.

Currently, the District has two fires stations (Station 55 and Station 56) and 18 total employees consisting of firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, engineers, captains, administrative staff, and the fire chief.
Station 55 is currently staffed with 2 individuals at all times, and station 56 is currently staffed with 1 individual at all times. If the CFD is approved and Station 57 is formed, the goal would be to increase the staff by 8 people. This would include adding 1 additional staff member in Station 55, 1 additional staff member in Station 56, and 6 staff members in Station 57.

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  1. I feel the way the Kelseyville Fire Department is going about this election is wrong. It should have have been done through the county elections office like other departments have done when they wanted their district voters to pass additional funding. By using the elections office voters can be assured all residents in the district are able to vote and the election is certified. The date for the election of December 21st is a poor date for the election as it is during the Christmas holiday when voters may be away or not aware of the election. Due to the amount of funding requested this has a big monetary impact on the residents of the Kelseyville Fire District.

  2. I was not asking for someone’s interpretation of the new measure a bill I was asking for the actual measure I am being asked to vote on. Where can I get that information

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