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CivicMic works with the Kelseyville Fire Protection District ("Kelseyville FPD") to facilitate community outreach and engagement with opportunities for the public to participate in the proposed formation of a Fire Community Facilities District ("Fire CFD").   If approved by the voters, the Fire CFD would provide additional funding dedicated to improvements, operations, and maintenance of the Kelseyville FPD.

Important: The formation of the Fire CFD must be approved by the affected voters. Kelseyville Fire can't form the CFD without voter approval.

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Kelseyville FPD Mission Statement

“The Mission of Kelseyville Fire Protection District is to serve and protect its community with pride, honor, compassion, professionalism and integrity through excellent customer service. Our commitment to our citizens encompasses fire, rescue, ems services and public education.”

Kelseyville FPD Origins

Serving the community since 1925

For many years, as the town of Kelseyville grew, there was no organized fire protection. The main fire protection consisted of farmers who would respond to smoke with spray rigs. For most residential fires, if the homeowner couldn’t stop the fire on their own, the home would burn to the ground. Help was too little too late. In May of 1925, the Board of Supervisors appointed a Board of Fire Commissioners for Kelseyville Fire Department. Two years later in July of 1927, the Fire Commissioners completed a small firehouse at the site of the former Tredway House today where a chemical engine would be housed until the 1940s.

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