Kelseyville FPD meeting

Kelseyville FPD Meeting Presentation Slides

CivicMic and the Kelseyville Fire Protection District hosted a virtual (Zoom) and telephone Kelseyville FPD meeting on April 29, 2021, to discuss the proposed Fire Community Facilities District which would fund a fire station in the Soda Bay Corridor, staffing, a fire engine, and ambulances.  As discussed at the meeting, the new fire station would be centrally located in the middle of Buckingham Peninsula and Soda Bay, which makes it within a 5-mile radius for numerous surrounding communities. Consequently, this would substantially decrease response times, ensure adequate coverage for EMS and Fire Services, and potentially save the lives and assets for the maximum number of homeowners and residents in nearby areas. Additionally, it would potentially reduce the insurance rates by enhancing the ISO rating for the affected homeowners.  Surrounding communities that would benefit from the new fire station include:

  • Riviera Heights
  • Buckingham
  • Riviera West

In this post, CivicMic shares the video and presentation slides for the Kelseyville FPD meeting.

Kelseyville FPD Meeting Presentation Slides

(Click on any slide below to zoom in.  Hover the mouse pointer over any slide to stop.)

Presentation by Kelseyville Fire Protection District

Presentation by NBS

Presentation by CivicMic

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