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La Habra Heights SMAD 7 Annual Reports for Fiscal Year 2022-23

The City of La Habra Heights SMAD 7 (Street Maintenance Assessment District No. 7) annual report has been published.  The City Council approved the annual charges on June 13, 2022. The charges fund the maintenance of streets and drainage improvements throughout the City.

La Habra Heights SMAD 7

In 2018, property owners in the City of La Habra Heights approved the formation of Street Maintenance Assessment District No. 7 (SMAD 7). SMAD No. 7 funds, along with the annual contribution from the General Fund, are used for the City’s annual (ongoing and long-term) street improvement projects.

The Fiscal Year 2022/23 special assessment levy for the District consisted of 2,237 parcels for a total of $438,749.39.
Here is the latest Annual Report on these funds for Fiscal Year 2022/23.

Fire Prevention, Protection, and Life Safety Services Special Tax

In 2017, the City established a special tax to fund fire protection, fire prevention, and life safety services within the City. This included paramedic and emergency medical response and costs associated with the equipment, facilities, supplies and administration of services.

The Fiscal Year 2022/23 special assessment levy for the District consisted of 2,237 parcels for a total of $1,290,665.74.

Previous La Habra Heights Annual Reports

The annual reports for the current and prior years, Council Resolutions approving the annual charges, and supporting documents including the formation engineer's report, assessment district diagram, and pavement management program report can be found in our Data Center.

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