La Habra Heights Survey

La Habra Heights Survey

In this post, CivicMic shares the La Habra Heights survey. The City of La Habra Heights (the "City") formed Street Maintenance Assessment District No. 7 ("SMD No. 7")(the "District") to fund certain drainage and street improvements throughout the City. SMD No. 7 is funded by property owners within the District boundaries through an annual assessment. To see if your address is within the District boundaries and also see your assessment amount click here.  The City is working to determine the support for the current street maintenance and drainage improvements provided to the community.

Important: SMD No. 7 funds, along with the annual contribution from the General Fund, are used for the City’s annual (ongoing and long-term) street improvement projects. The annual street improvement projects do not cover potholes and routine maintenance. Potholes and routine maintenance are paid separately through the City’s Public Works (General Fund) budget.

Your feedback is valuable. Please take the La Habra Heights survey below.

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Your participation in this survey is very important.

SMD No. 7 Boundary Map

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