LAD No. 39-2022 ballot results

LAD No. 39-2022 Ballot Results

The City of Diamond Bar (the "City") worked with CivicMic to inform affected property owners about the dissolution of Landscape Assessment District No. 39 ("LAD No. 39") and to provide them with an opportunity to collaborate with the City on deciding whether a new district (LAD No. 39-2022) should be formed. This new district would have a different annual assessment structure that would match revenues to expenditures and allow property owners to continue to receive enhanced landscaping services. A mail-in ballot process was held where property owners could cast their ballot in favor or against the establishment of this new district. On March 15, 2022, there was a public hearing during which the ballots were tabulated and the results were announced. In this post, CivicMic shares the LAD No. 39-2022 ballot results.

LAD No. 39-2022 Ballot Results

A total of 44.2% of property owners in the district cast their ballots. The 545 ballots received were tabulated and weighted in proportion to the assessment amount for each parcel. Of the ballots received, 283 were in favor of the LAD No. 39-2022, and 262 were in opposition. This means that 52% of the property owners casting ballots were in support of the new district. As a result, this initiative passed and the formation of LAD No. 39-2022 will be moving forward.

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