LAD No. 39 Improvements

LAD No. 39 Improvements and Maintenance Frequencies

In this post, CivicMic shares information about the LAD No. 39 improvements and maintenance frequencies.

Currently, the District funds the servicing and maintenance of over 100 private properties and maintains five developer-created mini-parks and trails. When it was formed, the District was planned to be self-sustaining. However, over the past decades, despite the maintenance cost increase, the property owners' maximum assessment rate has remained unchanged. Therefore, the City has been subsidizing the shortfall that the assessments are not generating in revenue to maintain the minimum standard acceptable. This has resulted in a reduced scope and frequency of the maintenance work.

The new District would fund the same improvements and maintenance as LAD No. 39; however, this new District would generate enough funds to support the service level fully and, as a result, improve the maintenance scope and frequency. Without establishing a new assessment district following the dissolution, the City will no longer provide the current improvements and maintenance services.

Current LAD No. 39 Improvements and Maintenance Frequencies

Park Maintenance (5 Parks) - Daily - seven days per week.
Mowing - Weekly - April to November. Bi-weekly - December to March.
Trail Maintenance - Weekly or as-needed.
Slope Maintenance - As-needed.
Irrigation System Maintenance - As-needed.
Firebreaks/Brushing - Annually.
Tree Trimming - 5-year trim cycle.

To learn more about the services and improvements, please click here to read the engineer's report from 2021/22.

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  1. LAD 39 No. 39 – Maintenance Frequencies
    States that irrigation is part of the maintenance. I have not seen the irrigation on my down slope work in years. We are talking about the slope that faces the land on the Chino Hills side. Apparently our city’s funds are not going to the items that need fixing!

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