LAD No. 39 Survey

LAD No. 39 Survey

In this post, CivicMic shares the LAD No. 39 survey. The City of Diamond Bar (the "City") is gathering information about Landscape Assessment District No. 39 (the "District")("LAD No. 39"). The District funds the servicing and maintenance of various private properties to mitigate brush fire hazards and enhance the appeal of the entire community. The District also maintains five developer-created mini-parks and trails. While the assessment fee remained locked at its original amount during the past decades, maintenance costs continued to increase. This created a shortfall in funds between District assessments and maintenance costs. The City can no longer continue to subsidize what should be a self-supporting District. After exhausting all other options, including an unsuccessful 2019 assessment increase vote, the City has started the process to dissolve the District. In response to your neighbors' requests, the City is gathering feedback to determine support for establishing a new assessment district (District 39-2022) that would replace the current District. Without a new assessment district, the landscaping maintenance responsibilities will return to the respective property owners. Your feedback is valuable and can have a significant effect on the route that this effort takes.

This survey is now closed. Thank you for your participation.

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