Update on Maintaining Essential Services in Rio Vista

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Update on Maintaining Essential Services in Rio Vista

In an ongoing effort to serve the community, the City of Rio Vista is taking a close look at important services like water, wastewater, and storm drainage. The goal is to ensure these systems are up to date and can support both current residents and future growth. This comprehensive review includes everything from the physical systems to the rules and regulations that guide them.

With this initiative, the focus is on aligning these vital services with both the city's development goals and important environmental standards. All of this is being done with the intent of keeping costs manageable for the Rio Vista community.

Diving Deeper into Rio Vista's Utilities – Preliminary Rate Studies Available for Review

Rio Vista has partnered with NBS, a leader in financial and engineering services, to conduct comprehensive rate studies on these three utilities to identify funding needs:

  • Drinking Water: Determining the appropriate charges to maintain, expand, support and enhance the water utility for our community to ensure adequate, safe, and reliable drinking water.
  • Stormwater: Addressing contemporary challenges in rainwater management, flood prevention and pollution control within our community.
  • Wastewater: Ensuring that sewage management meets both current needs and future demands for our community to protect public health, including the consolidation of the wastewater facilities.

Summaries of these rates studies may be viewed HERE. Please note: These are initial discussions, and nothing is finalized yet. More details will be provided as we continue to evaluate the best options for our community's utilities.

Stay Informed!

For updated information on the progress of the comprehensive rate studies, visit riovistarates.com.

Engagement with CivicMic – A Platform for Open Communication

To ensure transparent and consistent communication within our community, the City of Rio Vista has enlisted the expertise of CivicMic, a web-based platform by NBS. CivicMic has successfully helped our community openly communicate details about rate studies, fostering trust and understanding among residents. Please feel free to share this information with your neighbors.

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