Mandalay Bay Seawalls

Mandalay Bay Seawalls


The Mandalay Bay seawalls were built in the mid-1960s to create waterways throughout the newly built homes in the then new Mandalay Bay community.

Two types of seawalls were constructed: the Boise, on the eastern part of the development, and the Zurn, on the western portion.

They were constructed according to the building codes at the time, which were not as sophisticated and considerate of environmental factors such as seismic activity or soil and structure responses as the current codes.

Why Do the Mandalay Bay Seawalls Need to be Replaced?

The seawalls need to be replaced for the following reasons:

1. Deterioration of the Walls
The materials used to construct the seawalls have reacted negatively to the marine environment and have degraded significantly. Various parts of both the Zurn and Boise walls have deteriorated. The damage includes cracks and spalling of the Boise wall pilasters, cracking of the Boise wall panels, surface erosion on the Zurn walls, and some indication of corrosion of the steel that is used to reinforce the walls. Additionally, petrographic examination of cores taken from the walls in several locations found signs of alkali-silica reaction, an expansive chemical process that causes cracking and spalling in concrete exposed to moisture.

2. Lack of Protection Against Earthquakes
The process used to build the walls in the 1960s has resulted in them not being adequately sturdy. Not enough material was used in the construction process. Additionally, some of the soils behind and under these walls are prone to liquifying in a severe earthquake.

Where Does this Project Stand?

City staff has been meeting with residents and special tax consultants over the past several years to discuss the formation of a bonded Community Facilities District ("CFD") as a potential funding solution for the replacement of the seawalls.

The City has agreed to provide fifty percent (50%) of costs associated with the replacement of seawalls in waterways zone 1 Mandalay Bay if the Mandalay Bay residents form a Community Facilities District (“CFD”) to pay for 50% of the cost of the project.

A CFD is a flexible financing structure used to fund numerous services and finance various infrastructural improvements, like the seawalls.

To learn more about Community Facilities Districts please click here.

Currently, the City is working with the CivicMic to facilitate outreach and public engagement to determine community interest in forming the proposed CFD to finance the construction and repairs of the seawalls.

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Questions? Contact, or by phone: (805) 385-7578.

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