Neptune Drive Meeting

Neptune Drive Meeting Presentation Slides

CivicMic and the City of San Leandro hosted a virtual (Zoom) and telephone Neptune Drive meeting on May 12, 2021, to discuss updates to the formation process of the proposed Benefit Assessment District which would fund the construction of a new levee. This assessment would be added to the property tax bill of approximately 1,055 parcels that were recently designated by FEMA as being in the 100-year flood zone.

In this post, CivicMic shares the video and presentation slides for the Neptune Drive meeting.

Neptune Drive Meeting Presentation Slides

(Click on any slide below to zoom in.  Hover the mouse pointer over any slide to stop.)

Presentation by CivicMic

Presentation by the City of San Leandro

Presentation by NBS

Video of the May 12th Community Meeting

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    1. Hi Karen,

      The video should be ready by end of the day today or tomorrow morning at the latest. The video will be posted to our main San Leandro page and we will notify all subscribers via email.


    1. Hi Ellen,
      To print the timeline from the slides, left-click on the timeline slide to select it, then right-click on it and save it as an image to your computer. You will then be able to open the image file on your computer and print it like any other image file.

      I hope this helps.


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