Ocean Ave CBD Marketing and Clean-up

Ocean Avenue CBD: Marketing and Clean-Up

CivicMic works with the Ocean Avenue Association (“OAA”) to facilitate community outreach and public engagement opportunities for the renewal and extension of the Ocean Avenue CBD (the “District”). As a part of OAA’s attempt to support local businesses within the District, OAA has been engaging in efforts to improve the District and increase business activity. In this post, CivicMic shares recent Ocean Avenue CBD marketing and clean-up efforts.

Ocean Avenue CBD Marketing and Clean-up

  • Business of the Week
    Every week OAA posts a business within the District on their website to showcase it to their subscribers. Most recently, Westwood Produce was featured.


  • Promoted Events
    OAA contributed two articles in the Westwood Park Association newsletters about what is happening on Ocean Avenue, including the Taste of OMI.


  • Marketing Direct Mail Campaign
    OAA mailed approximately 5,000 Ocean Avenue Business Directories to neighboring areas to help promote local businesses.


  • Updated Website
    OAA has added a “Business Directory” page, “Featured Business” page, and a business directory survey. They also updated the “Staff” page, and the “We’re Hiring” page and created a new page for the migration of the site to a new domain. To see these updates to their website, click here.


  • Beautification Proposal
    OAA sent a request for proposal (RFP) for fixing and replanting trees that were broken by a storm. An organization called Friends of the Urban Forest submitted a proposal, for which the OAA is looking for approval so that they can bring new refreshed planting in these areas that will be maintained by OAA.


  • Helped Stop Vandalism
    Certain businesses have recently experienced shoplifting and vandalism. OAA has applied them for the Vandalism Relief Grant and contacted the office of the new District Attorney to visit Ocean Avenue to inform business owners about the strategies to prevent these crimes.


  • Trash Clean-Up
    OAA added trash cans at the northwestern corner of Ocean at Plymouth Avenue. They are also participating in a program where community members could choose the type of trash can models to use in their community. More information can be found at https://sfpublicworks.wixsite.com/trashcanpilot.

Click here to learn more about Ocean Avenue CBD marketing and clean-up efforts.

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