CivicMic Overview for Public Officials


CivicMic is a service from NBS focused on providing collaborative governance services including outreach, public engagement, and adaptive management.  CivicMic works with public servants to bring citizen voices into governance by providing new methods of public interaction by data sharing with interactive media. Engaging the public on a continuous basis increases a community’s livability and builds trust by improving communications between public servants, community leaders and the public. Commitment to outreach and linking the public’s participation to the decision-making process is the number one goal of CivicMic.

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An Introduction to Community Facilities Districts ("CFDs")

An Introduction to Community Facilities Districts

Next Steps...

The collaborative governance services provided by CivicMic continue to develop and evolve to meet the changing needs of your community.  Please contact us to learn how CivicMic can facilitate outreach, public engagement and collaborative governance opportunities for Special Financing Districts such as Community Facilities Districts and Assessment Districts.

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