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WSCHD Parcel Tax Measure Update

CivicMic is working with the West Side Community Healthcare District to engage residents in discussing a new parcel tax measure to supplement the original Measure A parcel tax. The new measure is being considered due to insufficient funding for ongoing ambulance services in the District and surrounding areas. In this post, CivicMic shares an update about the Ordinance of the Board of Directors of the West Side Community Healthcare District Providing for the Imposition of a Special Tax to Fund Ambulance Service.

This ordinance was approved by the Board of Directors on June 28, 2022. The purpose of this ordinance is to authorize a special tax on parcels of real property on the secured property tax rolls of Stanislaus County and Merced County to provide revenue for the District to use in providing necessary ambulance services, including staffing, staff training and compliance, personal protective equipment, administrative support, ambulance vehicles, and equipment repair and replacement.

The District requested the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors and Merced County Board of Supervisors to consolidate a special District election on November 8, 2022, where registered voters could vote on an annual $69 parcel tax for the fiscal year 2023/24, with a maximum annual change of 3% and minimum annual change of 0%. For this ordinance to take effect, two-thirds of the votes received by registered voters must be in favor of the measure. If approved, this parcel tax would generate an estimated $600,000 in annual revenue, which would allow the District to continue providing ambulance services.

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