LAD No. 39-2022 Engineer's Report

Proposed LAD No. 39-2022 Engineer’s Report 2022/23

CivicMic is working with the City of Diamond Bar (the “City”) to determine support for establishing a new district (LAD No. 39-2022) to completely fund, through annual assessments, the ongoing landscaping improvements and maintenance now that LAD No. 39 (the "District") has been dissolved. In this post, CivicMic shares the proposed LAD No. 39-2022 Engineer's Report which outlines important information about the proposed district including plans and specifications, a diagram or map of the district, new assessment amounts by zone of benefit, the benefits received by property from the improvements within the district, and the method of assessment apportionment to lots and parcels within the district.

Proposed LAD No. 39-2022 Engineer's Report

LAD No. 39 has been funding the servicing and maintenance of private properties and developer-created mini-parks and trails. When it was formed, the District was planned to be self-supporting. However, over the past decades, despite the maintenance cost increase, the property owners’ maximum assessment rate has remained unchanged. Therefore, the City has been subsidizing the shortfall that the assessments were not generating in revenue to maintain the minimum acceptable standard. On January 18, 2022, LAD No. 39 was dissolved. The City is looking to replace the District with LAD No. 39-2022 to generate enough revenue to fully fund the necessary services and be self-supporting. The new estimated cost to fund the new proposed district would be $656,156 for the Fiscal Year 2022/23. The annual assessment rate would vary by the zone of benefit. The proposed rates for Zone A would be $504.58, Zone B would be $491.97, and Zone C would be $466.74. To see these zones on our web map and locate your parcel please click here.

Please click here to read the full LAD No. 39-2022 Engineer’s Report for 2022/23.

LAD No. 39-2022 Boundary Map and Zones of Benefit

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